Alcohol is a drug. Drinking alcohol is dangerous for teens and teenagers and sometimes for adults, too. Many kids have their first drink at an early age, as young as 10 or 11 or even younger.

What happens when people drink?

Alcohol is a depressant. This means it can make you feel sad or down. It’s a drug that slows down or depresses the brain. Like many drugs, alcohol changes a person’s ability to think, speak, and see things as they really are.

A person might lose his or her balance and have trouble walking properly. The person might feel relaxed and happy and later start crying or get in an argument. Someone who drinks to much may have slurred speech and an inability to concentrate, and he or she may fall asleep at work or school.

When you drink alcohol and it enters your stomach it goes into your bloodstream and goes into your brain.

What happens when you drink too much?

When people drink too much, they might do or say things they don’t mean. They might hurt themselves or other people, especially if they drive a car. Someone who drinks too much also might throw up and could wake up the next day feeling awful – that’s called a hangover.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can kill a person. Over time, someone who abuses alcohol can do serious damage to his or her body. The liver, which removes poisons from the blood, is especially at risk.

Making Good Choices …

Hey, who wants a drink?” “Oh come on, just one drink won’t hurt you. It’s fun.” “It’s cool. Everybody drinks, right?”


You may have seen your parents drink or cool ads for beer and wine. It’s easy for a kid to get the wrong message about alcohol. In TV commercials, drinking looks like a lot of fun. You might see people drinking and watching sports together or having a big party.

What the law says?

It is illegal..

  • To give alcohol to anyone under 5 years of age.
  • For anyone under 18 years of age to purchase alcohol.
  • For anyone over 18 years of age to purchase alcohol on his or her behalf of someone under 18 years of age.

It is legal…

  • For a person of 16 years or over to buy beer, wine and cider if it is served with a meal and consumed in an area solely used for eating meals but not spirits.
  • For children to be in licensed premises as long as there’s a children’s certificate and the children have left the premises by 8pm.
  • For Children aged 14 years and over to be in licensed premises but they are not allowed to buy or have alcohol bought for them.

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