Category 'Life of a Single'

While it may seem that there are happy couples everywhere, a single teen may feel very lonely and depressed at times. It is important to keep things in perspective. Teenagers must deal with several stressful events, such as huge hormonal changes, pressure to perform well in school and family responsibiites. While it may seem that happy couples are everywhere; it is important to remember that each person in that couple was single before they met each other. In addition, they may single again in a year, a month or a day from now. Being single can have it good points. It can allow a person to concentrate on areas of their life that may be ignored if spending a lot of time with another person. A teen can focus on sports, studying, hobbies and friends. A teenager should never feel pressure to date or be in a relationship simply because others are doing so. Everyone is different and must live in the way that is best for them. No one remains single forever. There is a match for everyone; it is simply a matter of time.

When Flirting is Just Fun

Flirting is one of the most enjoyable games there is. Don’t let anyone fool you – it is a game. Nothing serious is usually meant by one person flirting with another. Just because you get a wink or a tango, it doesn’t mean they want to have your children and share a mortgage. Part of the fun is that there is no danger of commitment. It’s like window shopping for sex – looking and comparing prices but not actually buying anything. Continue reading

Internet Dating

Meeting someone on the Internet can be exciting especially if people are single because they want someone to communicate with at times and to develop a relationship even if it is over the Internet.
I have had some problems at times meeting people and dating. I have dated in the past, but there has never been a serious relationship. I gave up dating and wanting to get married so that I could pursue my own desires as a freelance writer and working at home. Continue reading

Be Confident and be Pride of Yourself

Being single can have its ups and downs, and people can lose confidence in themselves, but people have to pursue the career of their lives so they can increase their confidence. This is something that I had to learn. Continue reading