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Male sexual health is an important aspect of the overall health of a male. It is wise to have regular doctor checkups to ensure that a male’s entire body is in good health. Some teens will have questions about their sexual health, as hormonal changes can cause many changes regarding a male’s sexual organs. When a male teen is going through puberty some changes will occur and should not cause any fear. A male teen may find that they may awaken to a wet bed. This is normal; as a male’s sexual organ may have secretions during the night. In addition, it is quite normal for a male’s sexual organ to become erect upon waking up. This is a natural occurrence and it usually goes away after a few minutes. It actually has nothing to do with sexual thoughts. If a male is sexually active and notices any changes such as colored secretions throughout the day, itching, rashes or toner symptoms, a doctor’s visit is needed. Some issues can be easily treated with medicines. In addition, it is vital to know if a sexually transmitted disease has been contracted. A teen should not feel embarrassed to see a doctor, as doctors see many patients, every day, and are there to help.

Nocturnal Emissions: Normal or Not?

A nocturnal emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep. While this is often an embarrassing subject and can leave one feeling like they are abnormal, nocturnal emissions are actually quite common. Studies show that approximately 83% of men have or will at some point, experience a nocturnal emission. Continue reading

Men’s sexual problems

Men, in general, talk about their sexual conquests but not their sexual concerns. They tend to keep up the strong male image, including the impression that they are fantastic in bed and that they have no problems (except they “can’t get enough”). Yet, males usually feel responsible for sex–for approaching the woman, arranging the place, skillfully handling the foreplay, and producing both orgasms. Moreover, too many macho males think sex is all that really matters in a relationship; sharing feelings and problems, being tender and caring, doing things together that she likes to do, getting to know each other deeply, etc. are seen too often as silly women’s stuff. These men just don’t get it: good loving is not in the penis, it is in the heart and the mind. If sex were just coming to a climax, then we’d just masturbate. Sex is a mental-interpersonal process, not just a brief physical act. With males having all these responsibilities, misconceptions, and sexist attitudes, the truth is men have a lot of sexual problems. Continue reading

Facts About Condoms

Most of the population is currently sexually active. Many times people have several different sexual partners throughout their lifetime. Sex is a physical release that relieves stress and tension in the body. There are certain risk factor involved with sexual intercourse. If a person engages in unprotected sex they are at risk for a number of sexually transmitted diseases. Many STD’s are treatable but some are life-threatening and eventually lead to death. If a man uses a condom this protects him and his sexual partner from STD’s and unplanned pregnancies. Condoms are over ninety-nine percent effective.
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