Category 'Female Sexual Health'

A female must take care to take care of her sexual heath. Female body organs are complicated and it is best to see an obgyn (gynecologist) at least once a year. This type of doctor will check to make sure that a female has healthy sexual organs and most often will perform simple tests to ensure that there are no infections or other types of issues that need to be addressed. If a female is sexually active, it is vital to see a doctor for many reasons. Talking to a doctor about preventing unwanted pregnancy is very important. A doctor can explain all of the different choices a female has and will help a female to decide what is best. In addition, several types of birth control are by prescription only; a doctor is needed to supply these. Seeing a gynecologist will ensure good sexual health; a doctor will answer sexual questions and can explain about the various sexual diseases that one may be at risk for and how to best avoid a chance of contracting them.

Female Body Development

Puberty is the most confusing time during the span of life that many individuals experience. The body is doing one thing, the mind is going another direction, and what actions come from the person do not coincide with what is happening to them. It is the equivalent of being put into a hormonal and physical blender. Continue reading

Could I Be Pregnant?

Let’s get one thing straight: if you are female, have started your period and are sexually active, YES, you could be pregnant. Many people, especially teenage girls, fell that if they give it the ol double whammy (by using birth control pills AND using a condom) when they have sex that they are 100% sure not to get pregnant…WRONG! Continue reading

Chances for a Pregnancy

Most women at one time or another have “the big scare.” Either you wait it out in torture hoping your period arrives soon or you take charge, bite the bullet, and buy a home pregnancy test to find out NOW. Either way, most women have experienced it at least once. And let’s face it women today have more of a wide variety of choices in contraceptives than their grandmothers or even their mothers did. Continue reading

What are Microbicides

A “microbicide” is a substance that can substantially reduce transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when applied in the vagina. Like today’s spermicides, a microbicide could be produced in many forms, including; gels, creams, suppositories, films, or in the form of a sponge or a vaginal ring that slowly releases the active ingredient over time. Microbicides are not currently available, but scientists are pursuing over 60 product leads. Continue reading