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Having a date can be a wonderful experience and it can also be nerve-wracking. The first thing to remember is that if a person agreed to go on a date with you or if a person asked you out on a date, they already like you. There is no reason to spend time worrying about how you will make this person think you are great; they already do. Proper dating etiquette states that the male should be in charge of the date. He should take measures to bring the female to the place of choice. Having dinner at a restaurant is a popular choice for a date. Both people should take note to dress nicely and make an effort to show the other person that they took the time to look nice. The male should open all doors for the female. If dining, the male should pull out the chair for the female. When ordering food, the male should ask the female what she wishes to eat and order for both of them. Young teens should go on dates to movie, sporting events and other fun activities. On a date, a person should keep their focus on the other person; flirting with others and continually scanning the room is very improper.

What Women Expect From Guys During A Date

We have all heard the term “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” and in most cases many would agree! When it comes to dating there seems to be a high failure rate because women have certain expectations of the date and sometimes men are not living up to these expectations, simply because they don’t know what women are looking for. Continue reading

Your First Date

How many people feel they have made mistakes on the first date and don’t know where they went wrong? I bet the actual number would surprise you. There are a lot of people who don’t understand where a first date went wrong. There have been books, articles, movies created on first date etiquette. Some have very strong points and others are a little laughable. Dating etiquette is a varied topic, below are some things I consider when going on a first date.
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Basic Dating Principles

The ritual of dating goes back many centuries. In fact, in many countries such as Japan, dating is organized. In Japan, there are many group dates or the parents arrange dates for their children. Moreover, sometimes a matchmaker is hired to set up a couple on a date. Dating can be both an exciting and nerve racking for people at any age. Continue reading