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Ways To Maintain New Relationships

Everyone knows the warm feeling and the cool rush of a new relationship. The anticipation of that call, those knocks on the door, or just the brief brushing of hands walking down the street. The electricity and the infatuation is always the best part of a new relationship, but it does not last forever for everyone. However, some couples do have that spark for years and years to come. These couples obviously know the secret to maintaining a new relationship. Continue reading

Reading Mixed Signals

Sometimes it seems like men are from a different planet altogether especially when you are trying to start a relationship with them. Do not give up hope though because guys can be better understood with a bit of a relationship breakdown. It is tough when you are first starting a relationship because you have no idea what to expect. You are unsure of whether this could be a lifetime partnership or a relationship that lasts for the duration of a few months. The good news is that relationships are not easy for anyone. So there is no reason to feel like you are the only one struggling. One of the hardest hurdles to climb is the definition of whether you are in an exclusive relationship or more of a friendship. Continue reading

Why No Date Him/Her?

When you meet someone that you realize you’re going to have the opportunity to date, there’s a few standard thoughts that should go through your mind, pretty much centering around self-preservation and the avoidance of incarceration in a correctional facility. If you see any of the following attributes in your prospective “significant other”, run, don’t walk, the other way. Continue reading

Wanna Ask Someone Out? Be Creative!

The dating game has become something more trivial these days. Especially after getting out of a long relationship of three years or more anyone can be skeptical of getting back out there to date again. Some are bitter depending on how the previous relationship ended they may want to hold out for awhile. Continue reading

How can I communicate more effectively with my partner?

Communication can be very difficult, even between people who genuinely want to understand each other. But communication is also a skill, and like any skill, it can be improved with practice and knowledge. Continue reading