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Lots of religions are clear about the fact that sex must be saved for when a couple is married. Though not always followed, this instruction has good reason. When a couple is simply dating or in a relationship, having sexual intercourse, there is a good possibility that the relationship will not be a lasting one. It is not emotionally healthy to engage is such a deep emotional act with a person that will someday be someone in your past and not a part of your life. Having sex can also lead to pregnancy, even if protection is used and raising a baby is a huge responsibility; one that should be done by a married couple or those in committed relationships. Teens that are raised in very religious families may not always agree to save sex for marriage. If a teen is insistent on having sex, they should still talk about this with a parent, older friend of the family, or a responsible adult so actions can be taken to ensure protection from pregnancy. Likewise, if a teen wishes to remain strong to their religious beliefs and refrain from sex, they should not allow anyone to sway them.

Common Sense – Paganism

Does the word “Paganism” conjure up images in your mind of orgies and human sacrifice? Then you only know the stereotypes surrounding Pagans, or Neo-Pagans, as many prefer to be called. The word “pagan” comes from a Latin word meaning “country dweller”, which was a mild insult at the time of the Roman Empire. Presently, Paganism is an umbrella word for many forms of worship, which can or cannot include magic spells or rituals. Orgies are not included in such rituals. Continue reading

Religion and Sex: Symbiosis is OK

Is your religion affecting your dating life? Do you feel there is no one out there for you because they cannot understand your religion and thus your views on premarital sex? We see scenarios in the movies all the time with a religious person refusing to have sex with those they are dating and the person eventually leaving them for someone else. It does happen. Is it your beliefs that are the problem, certainly not. I can speak for all those out there wondering if not having sex leads to a table for one. It doesn’t. It may lead to an emptier table, but not an empty table.
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What About No Sex Till Marriage?

More and more women are abstaining from sex more than men all together. Why? Sex just completely complicates things. Many women are opting to wait until marriage to have sexual relations. Some are even proclaiming to be “second virgins” in order to wait until that special someone comes into their lives. This may be considered the old fashioned way of living. During the baby booming age many adults waited until marriage to procreate. Continue reading