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When two people like each other more than as friends and are attracted to each other it is quite natural to have desire to kiss. Kissing can seem intimidating the first time that someone engages in kissing, but one will find that it is not difficult at all. When a person wishes to kiss another, they may simply kiss their partner’s cheek and see if there is a positive reaction. Once kissing begins, it can be light kisses on the lips or it can involve French kissing. French kissing is a popular way of kissing in which both people use their tongues as well as their lips. This type of kissing can lead a person to experience strong feelings of desiring sex. Care should be taken when heavy kissing occurs. If a couple is not ready to have sex, they should take breaks from kissing; allowing both people to calm down. Kissing can also involve touching each other on various parts of the body. People who are not emotionally ready to have sex or do not have proper protection should take care to only touch in areas that will not lead to overwhelming desires for sexual intercourse.

Kissing FAQ

We read the detailed descriptions in books and see it in action on television; we may even do it in public! What is it? Kissing! Some take it for granted while others swear it is an art form to be taken seriously. Does the type of kiss you give, or get, mean certain things? How do you know how to do it right? Continue reading

Kissing: the Outstanding Art

Kissing is a way of expressing attraction, desire, and love. It is a way of caressing and touching another person in a very intimate and passionate way. A kiss is a sweet, sweet caress! It is a way of communicating an infinite number of things to another person.
Who doesn’t remember with great fondness their first kiss? How many books speak of kissing? People have changed their minds or opinions about something because of a kiss. Arguments have been resolved because of a single kiss. We remember great movies because of a wonderfully romantic kiss.
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Myths and Facts on Anal Sex

At one time every state in America had a law against sodomy. According to the Associated Press as recently as 1960 every state still had an anti-sodomy law, though several states didn’t actively uphold them. They were just old laws that still happened to -be on the books.
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