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Home Drug Test & Teen

The appearance of the in-home drug test has given parents a way to confirm or reject any suspicions that a son or daughter might be using drugs. Some parents have expressed a reluctance to perform a test on their own child. Yet a parent could put a child at risk by seeking to avoid an alleged infringement on a child’s rights.
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Diamonds. More Than a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend. They can dress up anything from jeans to sweats. Even the simplest girl would not be happy without a diamond on her ring finger of her left hand, but it goes deeper than that. There is more to the story than those studs in your ears. Continue reading

Italian charms: What are they? Why are they so popular?

A bracelet with Italian charms allows the wearer to display a series of linked charms. When the bracelet owner gets a new charm, then he or she can simply undo a link and add the new charm. The owner of a bracelet with Italian charms also has the ability to remove charms. The removal of an Italian charm generally prefaces an exchange of charms. Continue reading

Teenagers and piercing

The majority of customers in a piercing facility have not yet celebrated their twentieth birthday. Their interest in a body piercing underlines the connection between the teenage mentality and the drive to exhibit out-of-the-ordinary behavior. Any effort to address the topic of “teenagers and piercing” should begin with an examination of that connection. Continue reading