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A teen will always feel peer pressure in one form or another. Most often, a teen can feel this peer pressure when it comes to having sexual intercourse. It is very important for a teen to know that some teens will try their very best to convince others to do things simply because they have done them and they feel guilty about it. If someone does something that they know was wrong, immoral, inappropriate or even illegal; they will sometimes not wish to feel along in their deeds. They may attempt to pressure others into committing the same actions. When it comes to the issue of sex, a teen should know that sex is not simply a physical act that ends when the sex ends. Sex is meant to be performed by two consenting people when they are mature enough to handle all of the issues that occur as a result of sex. Emotions can be overwhelming for teens when having sex. Pregnancy occurs much more often than a teen may realize. A teen should do their best to have the strength and self-respect to say no to peer pressure. A teen should live life by their schedule, not someone else’s.

Peer Pressure: Why and How to Avoid

Peer pressure is something that involves each and every child and can start at a shockingly young age. Many relate peer pressure to being an issue that mostly affects teens however it is a growing concern for all age groups. Starting as early as daycare, peer pressure can affect all age groups to varying degrees of concern. What is it that causes people to give into peer pressure? The general need to fit in is usually why people succumb. They want to be liked and they want to be accepted by their peers. Often in a school setting individuals will cave into peer pressure so that they can be part of the popular crowd or so that they can be deemed “cool.” Whatever the reasons, the results are usually the same. A person will give in to peer pressure and will end up doing something that is against their moral beliefs or outside of the their comfort level. Usually this will conclude with negative results. Continue reading

Going to a Party? Remember Some Safety Tips

The opportunity to go to a party gives you an exciting chance to hang out with your friends and to develop new relationships by meeting other people. A party is a chance to socially interact with a variety of people who you would not meet ordinarily. Some of these new-found relationships will be long-lasting or short-term. There are a few safety tips though to remember while you are at a party. While at a party you may encounter situations that cause you to feel anxious or make you feel uncomfortable. By following the safety tips below you will be better able to handle any situation that might arise.
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Sexual Pressure: Alcohol and Drugs Make It Harder

Most individuals have their first sexual experience before they are twenty years of age. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable and wondrous experience between two people. Unfortunately, sex does not always turn out to be this. There is so much peer pressure on teenagers today to have sex. Sexuality is everywhere especially on television, the internet and popular advertisements. One only has to turn their head to see a billboard of a bikini-clad woman or turn on the television to see two people in bed together. There are so many sexual influences that are applying pressure to teenagers today. Some teens feel that they must keep up with their friends, that they have to have sex in order to be popular or that sex will make their boyfriend or girlfriend happy. The truth is that no one should have sex until they are ready.
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