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When a person is involved in a relationship, issues and disagreements are sure to arise. When two people spend a lot of time with each other, they are sure to have moments in which the rub each other the wrong way. This is completely normal and does not mean that the couple is bound for a breakup or that the relationship is not a strong one. Arguments can often lead to issues being resolved. When it comes to a teen’s parents arguing, a teen should keep in mind that simple arguments that happen once in a while are only natural in a relationship. If a teen finds the arguments troubling, if they are occurring often or if there is any verbal or physical abuse occurring; the teen should talk to an adult family friend, a mature relative, teacher, school counselor or anyone that they feel they can trust. Likewise, if a teen is involved in a relationship, simple arguments are bound to occur; but if verbal, emotional or physical abuse is occurring it must stop immediately. The perpetrator and victim should both remove themselves from the relationship.

Sexuality Defined

Sexuality spans the biological, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our lives. Sexuality begins with us and our relationship with ourselves and extends to our relationships with others. Our relationship with ourselves includes how we feel about ourselves as a person, as sexual beings, as men and women, and how we feel about our body and how we feel about sexual activities and behaviors. Continue reading

An Essential Part to Every Relationship

Whether you and your mate are two of a kind or completely opposite from each other there is one thing that you will always have to deal with in your relationship; a disagreement that leads to an argument. Arguments are generally not something on everyone’s list of favorite things to do but they are a healthy and natural part of every relationship. They don’t always have to end with someone sleeping on the couch. It comes down to the way that each person handles the argument regardless of what the problem is. Having a genuine respect for each other and the differences in your personalities can make a big difference and make your lives much happier. Continue reading

Couple Fights: Be Fair

Whether a couple has been dating for a while or is living together in a relationship or marriage, spending a lot of time with each other can cause certain issues to arise. There are many changes that may occur to cause a couple to begin bickering. If these issues are not addressed in the proper way, the bickering can grow into fighting and that can break a relationship. They key to solving problems is to understand what is causing the fights and to learn the art of fighting fair. Continue reading

When You Fight for the First Time, You Still Have Chances

Being in a new relationship is scary all by itself, but your first disagreement as a couple can be even scarier. These arguments are never as bad as you think they may be; every couple argues at some point in their relationships. Continue reading

No Negative Communication Means No Negative Consequences

In any relationship whether it is a professional or a personal one, all communication of a negative manner should be avoided. It can only make the problems or issues even worse than they already are. Positive communication and positive attitude is the best way to get ahead in all aspects of your professional and your personal life. Learn to avoid negative communications and you will be the happier for it.
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