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Many people wonder just where the line changes from like to love. Alternatively, some people may confuse lust with love. True love is an emotion that one will feel toward another that is the strongest emotion a person can have. Lust is a feeling in which a person will physically desire another and should not be confused with love. Likewise, if a person must question if they like or love a person; most often this is a clear sign that they simply like them. When a person truly loves someone, they will consider this person to be a vital part of their life. Love will cause a person to offer kindness, caring, respect and support to the other person, without a second thought. True love means putting the needs of the other person before you own; while still remaining responsible and keeping self-respect intact. Young people may find love difficult; as it also brings responsibility. When in love, your actions affect your partner’s. A person should sort out their feelings to know if they are in like, in lust or in love. If in love, the person should honor that by behaving appropriately.

He’s Worried about Her Ex…

About two months ago my girlfriend of two years lied to me about a “girls’ night out.” Rather than having a girls’ night out, she and a friend went to meet an ex-boyfriend of hers who now lives in a different state. I generally do not have a problem with her seeing ex-boyfriends. However, this particular ex has made several calls to her and asked her to get away for the weekend. She has refused his advances. Continue reading

Love and sexual desire are not the same thing.

Love is a strong caring for someone else. It comes in many forms. There can be love for close friends, for parents and children, for God, and for humankind. Continue reading

Long Lasting and Happy Relationship – Is It Real?

Is it possible to have that perfect long lasting, loving relationship? Love relationships are based on sentimental values and thoughts but also on real life situations and feelings and not on romantic idealism. It is essential that each partner be emotionally healthy to be able to commit to a stable long lasting relationship. Continue reading