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Sex is not just a physical act to relive sexual tension. Having sex can cause very strong emotions. Sometimes a teenager may only realize this after having sex. It is for this reason that teenagers should carefully think about the consequences of having sex well before they actually do it. Sexual intercourse is the most intimate thing that two people can do. When having sex, it is said that two bodies become one. Sex can cause strong feelings for both people; and females will most likely feel this strongest. A female teen should carefully think about the possibility of having sex, because once she does, it can not be erased. If her partner is not mature enough to handle the emotions that will occur, she may find she will dearly regret her decision. Sex can lead a person to feel that they are in love, or it can make the feelings of love stronger; a person should be sure a relationship is lasting before having sex. A person should be sure that they can handle the emotions of sex and the responsibilities of sex before they have intercourse. Sex can be a wonderful thing; but there is no rush.

How Real Couples Act

In almost every romantic relationship, sex is a key factor. Yes, you may love one another deeply, but usually, it all started with that spark of sexual attraction. Many people come together because they are physically attracted to each other and the emotional ties grow stronger from that point on. Additionally, they also like each other. Real relationships often start off as simple crushes on a cutie. Continue reading

If it’s More Than Just Sex

Sex may mean a lot of different things to many people. Some see it as a form of release and simply a means to personal satisfaction. However, more many woman and more men as well, sex is not just a physical act. The act of sexual intercourse can bring about many feelings. If a person has sex with someone who is not on the same emotional ground regarding the expressive importance of sex, it may lead to many issues. This problem is found mostly with the female population; however men can have a deep understanding of just how personal sex can be.
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Cyber Sex

“I did not have sex with that woman!” It is obvious from this statement by President Clinton that at least one very influential person still defines sexual activity narrowly as coitus. We use the term coitus here, meaning penis-in-vagina intercourse, because even vaginal intercourse leaves room for other objects to be inserted without necessarily having to call that activity sex. Continue reading

Signs you are Not Ready for Sex

Many people, especially teenagers ask themselves if they are ready to have sex. There is no one right time to have sex and everyone is ready to have sex at different times in their lives. Sometimes, our morals and value system determine when we are ready to have sex.
Other times, we rely on both our heads and our hearts to tell us that we are ready to have sex. The decision to have sex is a big decision and should not be a decision that is entered into lightly. The question am I ready to have sex is a question that almost everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, not many people will be able to answer it with a definite “yes or no.” You are the only person who knows if you are truly ready to have sex. But, here are some questions that will hopefully help you work it out.
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