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I plan on getting back into the game, the game of life, the game of reality.

Look, I’m 44 and have been an avid hardcore porn watcher of magazines and movies since I was 19, and as liberal and free-thinking as I try to believe I am, I still feel dread and discomfort after dealing with porn. Sure, shaking hands with myself while watching porn has been a source of great physical relief over the years. I’ve endured many an orgasmic seizure courtesy of Mary Palm & her 5 sisters. To see the kind of person who matches every physical characteristic you desire on a DVD, right there, right now doing the things you can only dream of doing is certainly a great experience. Continue reading

First Testimonial

This September, my boyfriend and I will have been together for five years. It is a milestone. Well, maybe it is not quite a milestone, but it is for me. Maybe it is for him as well. And to tell you the truth, we almost did not make it this far. Continue reading

You Don’t Always Have to Say Yes

The majority of Americans lead busy lives. Between work and family, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Then, just when you think you cannot fit another activity into your schedule, or when you already have a to do list a mile long, someone approaches you for a favor. Maybe it is your boss asking you to fill in for another employee at some function. Perhaps it is your spouse requesting that you run some type of errand on your way home from work. Your child came home from school and informed you that he volunteered you to make a dozen cookies for the bake sale tomorrow. Many of us feel as though we have no choice but to say yes, but do you always have to say yes? What would happen if just once you said no? Imagine how history may have been different if just that one time these people had said no. Continue reading

What Love Really Is

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” Elizabeth Barrett Browning might have pondered the concept of love in one of the most memorable ways in literary history. She did not, however, encompass what love really is. There are not enough words to try to describe what love is. Love is not a concrete thing; it is only a tangible entity to be felt. But, one can see in the interactions of creatures that love is concrete too. Love is not limited to humans exclusively. Animals have been known to protect their owners, sacrifice for their mate or offspring, and defend to the death. Humans exhibit these same primitive qualities but also render love on a more complex level. Simply put, nothing moves the world more than love and its many facets.
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Having Sex and Regretting It

The first time I had sex I regretted it. In the park on the ground where any passerby could see if they wanted to, just to get it over with. He was a “Mexican,” someone I knew I wouldn’t have to keep dating nor have to bring around to my friends. He was someone I could use to lose my virginity and get it over with. I was on the rag too. Ick. I wanted to get it over with, not get preggers, and figured he was a good candidate. My best friend was happy for me. I got it done.
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Then when I went to primary school I got picked on for being chubby. By the time I was eleven I was already dieting, vomiting and starting to self harm. I didn’t know anything about eating disorders. I thought that making myself sick to lose weight was my own clever idea. Continue reading

Short version of the interview with Drugsline Chabad

1. How were you introduced to drugs?

LP: The first drug I was introduced to was cannabis, whilst I was at school, my peers was smoking cannabis and that wasI how I got introduced to it, just people at school.
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When I was 19 I had a good job, great salary, and a company car. I thought life was turning out fine. Then, suddenly, the company I was working for laid people off and I lost my job. Things started going wrong from that point on. Continue reading

History Jo.

Things started to go wrong for me when I was about 7. I was getting into trouble at school – like walking out of the classroom and not listening. I didn’t know why I was doing it, and most of my teachers thought I was just disruptive. I remember feeling really bad about it but I couldn’t stop myself. Nobody asked about my feelings or tried to talk to me. I changed schools a lot and found it hard to make friends. Continue reading