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Sex is a complicated issue and is so much more than simply a physical act. Some people, curious about sex, will turn to porn web sites, porn videos and porn magazines in an attempt to gain knowledge of sex and satisfy their curiosity of the human body. It is vitally important that a person realizes that these types of avenues are giving a distorted reality of what sex is really all about. The people who are seen in porn are not showing a realistic view of what people are really like. The sexual acts done in porn are not common place in a caring and loving relationship. The sexual acts that are preformed in porn are taking place without an ounce of caring or love. In addition, the women and men shown in porn pictures are not realistic. Air brushing, makeup and lighting all add to a picture perfect person who does not really exist.

I plan on getting back into the game, the game of life, the game of reality.

Look, I’m 44 and have been an avid hardcore porn watcher of magazines and movies since I was 19, and as liberal and free-thinking as I try to believe I am, I still feel dread and discomfort after dealing with porn. Sure, shaking hands with myself while watching porn has been a source of great physical relief over the years. I’ve endured many an orgasmic seizure courtesy of Mary Palm & her 5 sisters. To see the kind of person who matches every physical characteristic you desire on a DVD, right there, right now doing the things you can only dream of doing is certainly a great experience. Continue reading

The Ugly Face of the Porn Industry

The adult entertainment industry, fondly called the porn industry, is a $10 billion a year industry. Yes, that’s right, $10 billion. There is no doubt that selling sex would be such a moneymaker; it is the world’s oldest profession. In the last two decades, pornography has become less taboo and more widely accepted by the general public. They might as well get used to it because it sure isn’t going anywhere! Continue reading

Cho Seung Hoi

Cho Seung Hoi was a loner, a very sad individual who found himself unable to cope with the world around him and the people in it. Roommates at Virginian Tech consider themselves to be lucky to have been spared. No one really understood that their behavior and attitude towards this disturbed young man would ever evolve into such a bloody rampage, taking so many lives. Not being popular among students in such a big university is not unusual, not everyone can be in the spot light and other students had no idea this was affecting Cho so much. Cho Seung Hoi was not particularly chosen as being a bully’s victim during his time at the school; rather classmates did not know that a student had such violent behavior brewing just below the surface. Known for listening to Collective Soul’s Shine repeatedly day in and day out, he was thought to be a bit unusual and a loner. Not easily approachable, people wonder that even if things were different and he had an enormous group of close friends; would it have actually made a difference; would he mind have functioned properly? Continue reading

Angry At The World

While most people encounter anger in their lives, find a way to deal with it and then move on; there are others who experience the feeling of anger to a much stronger degree but they are completely unable to deal with it. They allow this anger to build up inside them until it consumes every facet of their being. What does someone who feels like an outsider to the rest of the world do when their inner anger reaches that point? They feel completely overwhelmed with their rage yet they are unable to talk to anyone because they also feel total seclusion. Continue reading

Why I Hate Porn

The New American Webster Dictionary defines pornography as obscene art, writings, etc. Pornography is defined as something obscene, yet it is a billion dollar business. In 2006, the porn industry brought in over 13 billion dollars in revenue. Statistics further show that every 39 minutes there is a new pornographic video being created in the United States and there are 4.2 million pornographic websites available on the Internet. How can something so obscene capture the attention of so many? The answer is that porn appeals to our imaginations. Continue reading

Is Porn a Victimless Crime?

Gone are the days of porn being simply a magazine or two that is scanned quickly and thrown under a bed. In today’s world, porn floods the market. There are porn stores that cater to crowds of people, pornography books, magazine, fetish clubs and most disturbingly an ever growing enormous number of web sites devoted to porn. For some people, the overwhelming onslaught of so many easily accessible ways to view pornography can lead to disturbing behavior. Some may argue that viewing or reading porn does not hurt anyone; that is a misrepresentation of the truth. Continue reading

Women and Porn Industry: the Reasons

There are many reasons why a woman may enter the porn industry. To find out these reasons we must go right to the source. Why not ask a famous woman porn star why she does it. Ask why she would want to make a living out of having sex. Many female porn stars have said that they are in the industry because of the money. Porn is a billion dollar industry as money is made through the selling of pornography magazines and movies. Plus the internet is a huge money maker for the porn industry. There are thousands of websites that offer pornographic videos, pictures and even stream live web-cams. Depending on what you wish to see you can watch live footage of people having sex or engaging in other sexual acts. There is also a big market in the phone sex industry. Porn is literally everywhere.
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