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Teenagers may have very strong hormonal changes that cause strong desires for sex. A teenager may find they are always thinking about sex and seeking out avenues to read or see pictures of sexual acts. This curiosity is normal. A teen should know that sexual intercourse is not just a physical act of self-satisfaction. Numerous elements are involved and it is vital that a teen understand all of the areas of their life that will be affected if they do indeed engage in sexual intercourse; pregnancy, sexual diseases and the overwhelming emotion feelings that one may not be prepared to handle are just a few. Before giving in to the desires to have sex, a teen should look to other avenues. Keeping busy with physical activities can often defer the thoughts of sex. Playing sports, working out, running can all increase endorphins; the brain chemicals that are released when having intercourse. Masturbation is also an alternative to release sexual tension while remaining safe.

Fun Date Ideas

Healthy sexual intimacy is an important part of a strong relationship. For some that is the only time they feel connected to their mate. Having a fun and fulfilling life with each other outside of the bedroom is just as important as inside. Planning a fun evening can sometimes be a chore but there are many things that you can do with your mate that don’t require a lot of thought or effort. Whether you and your partner need to reconnect or you are just looking for a fun night together take the initiative to plan a night that you’ll both enjoy. Many times looking to the simple and basic things can be the most difficult but can be the most rewarding. Continue reading

Why I Hate Porn

The New American Webster Dictionary defines pornography as obscene art, writings, etc. Pornography is defined as something obscene, yet it is a billion dollar business. In 2006, the porn industry brought in over 13 billion dollars in revenue. Statistics further show that every 39 minutes there is a new pornographic video being created in the United States and there are 4.2 million pornographic websites available on the Internet. How can something so obscene capture the attention of so many? The answer is that porn appeals to our imaginations. Continue reading

Having Fun Without Sex Ideas

In this day and age saving sexual encounters until you are married or are sure you are with your life partner is a wonderful idea and a great set of values for all people not just the teenagers.
There are other fun and exciting alternatives to having sexual intercourse with each other, that let you enjoy each others company and that let bond with one another also.
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Express Your Carefulness With Little or No Money

Love is a great thing. Many people are dating other people as I type this article. Dating is a part of our cultural landscape. Dating is a part of people’s socialization process. Dating is a way in which people get to know one another on an intimate level. When people date each other couples often get each other gifts and small tokens of affection to illustrate their caring for one another. Continue reading

Say “I love you” in a Way They Never Heard

There are many different ways to tell someone you love and care for them and it does’t have to be all about sex. They can also show you how much they care by doing the same things for you in your relationship.
Just spending time together should be great enjoyment and fun for you both lie by a quiet, beautiful lake and using your fingers trace a sentimental message of love on his chest or his back.
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