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When a person is in a relationship, it is only normal that their family is also involved with the other person. When spending a lot of time with someone, it is natural that this person be introduced to family and is invited to family events. Sometimes, family members may not appear to be happy with the choice you have made for a partner. This attitude can stem from many things; one being that a parent may feel that they are ‘losing’ you and they may be afraid that all your time will be devoted to your partner. It is best to discuss this issue with those who are making an issue and reassure them that you have plenty of love to go around. Your partner can make attempts to spend time with your family, talking and doing various activities that will cause bonding. A teen should know that the relationship they have with their family is very important; families are forever.

Talk to us Please… What we need to hear from Parents.

Parents, we need to hear from you! Sometimes, it seems impossible to start a two-way conversation with your child. A lot of the times, we feel that we are too old to sit down and talk to mom and dad, but we’re not. Talk to us about the problems we face the most. Remember, we need your opinions, your guidance, your support, and most of all your love. Continue reading

Talk To Us Please…What We Need To Hear From Parents

There are many things that we, as teenagers, need to hear from parents. Parents can help us by telling about past situations when they were teenagers. That way we can sort of relate to each other. The main thing that we need from parents is care and attention. Though we are growing up and are not children anymore, we still need guidance, care and advice from our parents. When our parents give us serious attention, we feel important. When they ignore us, we feel like not even trying, and giving up on certain things, because no one cares. We need the right amount of attention to be successful. Too much attention is not always a good thing because we, as well as everyone else in world, sometimes just need some space. Continue reading

Dating Advice: How to Survive Meeting the Parents

So you’ve met a new partner, and everything is going great. Then, one day, he or she says casually, “I’m going to drive up to visit my parents this weekend and I thought you might like to come along.” Instant panic. Meeting your lover’s parents for the first time is about as much fun as getting a colonoscopy, only the preparation is worse and you don’t get good drugs to help you through the moment of truth. Continue reading

Parents Hate Your Beloved One?

When you bring home the love of your life to meet your parents, you want them to be as crazy about him or her as you are. Most of the time parents and partners do get along because of their common bond-they both love you. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work out this way and your parents and your partner can’t stand the sight of each other. This article takes a look at the common reasons why parent/partner feuds occur and offers some ideas for making things right. Continue reading

Spending Time with Families

Some of my best childhood memories are those of spending time with my family. We would sit around the dining room table playing games such as Rummy, Royal Rummy, Pay Day, and Chinese checkers. On the nights that Grandma babysat, we would play 20 questions, I spy or charades. We didn’t take family vacations, but we did take day trips. On the Fourth of July, we would travel to Wisconsin Dells. There was annual trip to the zoo and we would always spend at least one day at the County Fair each summer. I can remember those days like they were yesterday. Spending time with my family was an important part of my childhood. Continue reading

Meeting Your Partner’s Family

Meeting that special person is very exciting and dating that special someone is even better. In addition, if you have dated someone for a long time then it is possible that the question of marriage may come floating into the air. The though of marriage can be and often is exciting and scary. I know many people who dated a year or more before someone popped the question about marriage. Marriage is an institution that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Getting married involves doing many things including meeting the family. Continue reading

You Partner Has a Problem Family? Deal With It!

When in a serious relationship with someone we love, we most often think of how we relate to and care for that person. However, when we share our lives with another person, we usually share it with their family also. When it comes to your loved one’s family, they may not always be as perfect as your partner seems to be. Continue reading