Angry At The World

While most people encounter anger in their lives, find a way to deal with it and then move on; there are others who experience the feeling of anger to a much stronger degree but they are completely unable to deal with it. They allow this anger to build up inside them until it consumes every facet of their being. What does someone who feels like an outsider to the rest of the world do when their inner anger reaches that point? They feel completely overwhelmed with their rage yet they are unable to talk to anyone because they also feel total seclusion.

Unfortunately the results of this inner rage can sometimes lead to a devastating outcome. Take for instance the recent happenings as the result of Cho Seung Hoi’s Virginia Tech massacre. Experts now say that Hoi was an outsider who had been bullied and ridiculed through out his childhood and into his adult years. He didn’t fit the expectation of his peers and therefore became very secluded unto himself. In a society where everyone is judged, the pressure to fit in can be excruciating.

This begs the question, what can be done to help these people? From the outside looking in, you can’t necessarily recognize someone with extreme psychological stress. Often when people are being bullied it is unclear as to the extent that it is affecting that person. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate when someone is merely quiet or shy and when someone is so withdrawn or reclusive that they are mentally in severe danger.

The results of being poorly judged and bullied can be completely catastrophic to one’s mental well being. They can lead to extreme isolation and detachment from society, often resulting in suicide or worse. It is the opinion of many that we somehow need to get a handle on the bullying problems within our schools. Currently there are many outreach programs and resources that are being advertised to help eliminate this nation wide problem.

Others would argue that disturbed individuals couldn’t blame their current state of poor mental health on being bullied or treated like an outcast. Many believe that people who are social outcasts are in such a taste by choice. They simply enjoy living this way. Another opinion on the subject is that socially challenged and depressed people become that way long before they have had the chance to be bullied or become an outcast. Some say this is a chemical imbalance that causes one to be mentally unstable, sometimes resulting in a devastating outcome, such as that of Columbine or Virginia Tech.

No matter what the reason, it is a common factor in people that commit these public assassinations to have similar social characteristics such as being introverted, angry and secluded. It is hard to understand what drives them to the point of having no regard for human life, including their own. Experts continue to research it and identify signs that someone may be suffering mentally. While there have been many likenesses amongst individuals who have had outbursts and have attacked fellow humans it is still too hard to completely determine why someone commit a massacre or how it can be prevented.

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