Basic Dating Principles

The ritual of dating goes back many centuries. In fact, in many countries such as Japan, dating is organized. In Japan, there are many group dates or the parents arrange dates for their children. Moreover, sometimes a matchmaker is hired to set up a couple on a date. Dating can be both an exciting and nerve racking for people at any age. Meeting people that you wish to go out with is a difficult thing to do. In today’s modern times, there are many ways in which people can and do hook up with others and go out on dates. I have been set up on blind dates and I have met men on my own at school and around my community at places like the library, Banes and Noble, and a local pizza parlor and gone out on dates. Also, when I first started college, my best friend and I doubled dated with two guys and went bowling and had ice cream. No matter how you chose to get a date, there is common sense dating etiquette that should be followed. In addition, when going out on a date, please be careful and trust your instincts.

Most people start dating when they are teenagers. I started dating when I was thirteen. Tommy and I went to a high school military ball on our first date and a Halloween carnival on our second date. Tommy also went out to dinner with my family and me after I graduated from elementary school. While we were dating, Tommy and I gave each other small gifts and cards as signs of affection for each other. I gave Tommy a Valentine’s Day button and an assortment of cards. I also bought him a small surf figurine that held a set of drums. I did this because Tommy was a drummer at the time. One of the sweetest gifts that Tommy gave me was when he graduated elementary school. Each person who was graduating had to “will” something to an underclassman. Therefore, Tommy “willed” to me his drumming ability. It is a kind, caring and loving gesture to give your boyfriend or girlfriend tokens of affection when you are dating. It really doesn’t matter what gift you give your significant other, it is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. Tommy also gave me the gift of my first kiss. In addition, I have remembered Tommy to this day because he was my first boyfriend and my first love.

Dating etiquette would also include treating your boyfriend or girlfriend lovingly. This would include holding hands with your significant other; kissing and hugging your significant other, listening to your significant other, and taking into account the needs and wants of your significant other. This would not include hitting and pushing your significant other and calling your significant other names such as “fat cow” and “bitch or bastards”. Relationship violence has always been a part of dating; however, it wasn’t until recently that society has viewed relationship violence as a community problem.

Today there is no clear dating etiquette these days for who pays for dates or who should call first after the date. It is claimed that whoever initiated the date pays for the date. In addition, either person can call first after having a good date.

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my best friend had an abusive realtionship
with a guy who called her a fat bitch and his whore
everyday. i printed this site and gave it to her.
in my own words:
“it is SO over”

Megan_ / May 20th, 2008, 6:23 am / #

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