Diamonds. More Than a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend. They can dress up anything from jeans to sweats. Even the simplest girl would not be happy without a diamond on her ring finger of her left hand, but it goes deeper than that. There is more to the story than those studs in your ears.

Diamonds were originally used in religious ceremonies in India where they had first begun to mine them. They were thought to bring luck to the holder and were used for divinity. At that time ownership was restricted to different castes by color. Only the king was allowed to own all colors of diamonds. When the other countries began to trade with India they soon became more valuable.

Meanwhile in Europe, once Christianity took over the diamond disappeared from society for a while. It seems that its former use in amulets and divinity made it less desirable to the new found Christians. When they finally started to trickle back into Europe it was through Venice, and while it had been previously out of fashion to cut them, it was wildly popular by then. Once the Diamond Guild of Nuremburg perfected polishing and cutting the diamonds it was all up hill from there.

Now we can see diamonds used in every piece of jewelry. A nice pair of earrings for everyday wear is just as common as the diamond tennis bracelet. They come in different colors and shapes. A girl’s collection can never be complete without a necklace or two. In today’s society there is a diamond for every occasion, and billboards from jewelry stores to prove it.

Diamonds have come to symbolize eternity. A gemstone that can only be cut by one of its own has built a reputation for saying “I love you.” Jewelry stores bank on anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day and other holidays that mean women want diamonds and other jewelry.

These delicious gems can be bold or delicate. Most certainly a diamond can make or break a wardrobe, let alone an entire outfit. It is important to use them tastefully however. A woman that wore every diamond in her arsenal would be seen as nothing but a show-off. Most women understand that theory, now if men only knew how to pick them out women would be the happiest creatures on earth.

With so many cuts out there clarity is not always the important thing on the list. It is important to know how the woman dresses before choosing that one perfect stone. If she is classier, go with a classical cut, such as round or pear shape. If she is bolder, go with a square. The square diamond will often time look bigger because the surface area is wider, but the diamond won’t sit as high. Pear-shaped diamonds is also capable of this illusion. However, be careful when choosing a diamond for its size. A square or pear shaped cut is more likely to show a flawed or yellow diamond than the traditional cut. Despite the fact that some of the most famous diamonds in the world are pink and blue, most women are happy if they can get their hands on a clear one. So when you choose the engagement ring there are two choices as to saving money. Choose cut first then find the clarity that looks good with it, or choose a lesser diamond that may be bigger. Either way, if you know your girl inside out, she will be happy with the diamond that you have chosen. And if you don’t get it right the first time you can always get her another one to make up for it. Necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, or stud: I do not know any girl that would turn down a diamond.

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