Category 'Homosexuality Issues'

Homosexual people most often do not know that they are homosexuals right away. Many times, as a person enters their teen years and hormonal changes are occurring, a teen may struggle with the many overpowering sexual feelings they are having. It is at this time that some teens may wonder if they are gay or lesbian. Sometimes, if a teen just has a fleeting sexual thought of someone of the same sex, they will jump to the conclusion that this means they must be homosexual. This is not the case. Having some random thoughts does not make a person homosexual. There are many adults who are straight and will have random thoughts their whole lives. If a person does think that they are homosexual, they should not feel guilty or that they are ‘bad’ in any way. Many people agree with the theory that a person does not choose to be homosexual, they are simply born with this trait. Likewise, it is wise to never treat homosexuals with prejudice. They are just people who are struggling with life’s issues just like everyone else.

Don’t Lie to Yourself

How often has anyone told you to be yourself? Do you fear who you are or are you comfortable in your own skin? The choice of who we are is based on a great many factors. Some of those factors come from within us, some come from society, and others come from our home life. We are the only person who can tell us who we are.
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