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The appearance of the in-home drug test has given parents a way to confirm or reject any suspicions that a son or daughter might be using drugs. Some parents have expressed a reluctance to perform a test on their own child. Yet a parent could put a child at risk by seeking to avoid an alleged infringement on a child’s rights.

If used early enough, a drug test could help any young person to stay in better control of his or her life. A teenager who has chosen to use drugs has also chosen to interfere with the normal developmental process. Teens generally yearn for a way to speed-up their development. One can not imagine a teen being pleased with a drug-induced slowdown of his or her development.

The parent who has been willing to make use of the available drug tests could help to keep a son or daughter out of prison. Drug use can often encourage a teen to look for new ways to cover the cost of the drug. Many teens then resort to stealing.

The use of a drug test can identify a problem before it manages to manifest itself in the form of bad grades. A teenager who suffers poor grades due to drug use has been saddled with a terrible and unnecessary handicap. Those poor grades could hinder the teen’s ability to secure financial aid, financial aid that would guarantee a great education.

Some teens add job responsibilities to their growing list of “adult like” activities. When a teen has a job, then he or she needs to depend less on the generosity of parents. Yet a teen who tries to hold down a job while also using drugs is going to encounter problems. Drug use can impair job performance. Severely impaired performance could lead to a job dismissal.

A parent who has good reason to conduct an in-home drug test should not encounter problems with locating such a test. A number of different web sites sell point-of-collection tests. Parents who want to obtain a drug test should search online for sites such as

Parents should realize that a test on any particular body fluid will give a result that differs from the result obtained by testing another fluid from the same individual. Saliva tests are both non-invasive and fast. They provide parents with an excellent alternative to a blood test.

If a parent truly wants to avoid the need for a drug test, then that parent should seek to prevent any possible drug use. Programs such as DARE have shown that a focus on knowledge and attitudes can be considered a necessary, but not a sufficient, part of the effort to stem drug use among teens.

Parents and teachers need to zero-in on the psychological and behavioral causes of drug use. They might want to provide the teen with access to some life skills training. Exposed to such training, a teenager becomes better able to resist the pressure that might push him or her to use drugs.

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