Kissing: the Outstanding Art

Kissing is a way of expressing attraction, desire, and love. It is a way of caressing and touching another person in a very intimate and passionate way. A kiss is a sweet, sweet caress! It is a way of communicating an infinite number of things to another person.
Who doesn’t remember with great fondness their first kiss? How many books speak of kissing? People have changed their minds or opinions about something because of a kiss. Arguments have been resolved because of a single kiss. We remember great movies because of a wonderfully romantic kiss.

We all think of these things when we think of kissing, but of all the things that have been said about kissing there is one that should always be remembered. If you really want to be a good kisser, then you should kiss someone as if it were your last kiss on earth.

    How to Kiss

  • Don’t rush things – Men tend to rush into things and women feel pressured when they do.
  • Relax – There’s nothing worse than a tight lipped, impersonal, and cold kiss
  • Enjoy the moment and follow the flow of your partner’s motions.
  • Visualize both bodies joined as one while touching and feeling the very soul of your partner.
  • Don’t think of other things while you’re kissing. Breathe deeply then enjoy the moment. Feel the passion flowing through you. A passionate kiss does not mean exploring every last inch of the other person’s mouth. That would be too violent a kiss. The right way is to slightly open the mouth and flick the tongue in slowly and intermittently gradually increasing the length of time that the tongue remains in the mouth.
  • The first kiss leaves a lasting impression and should be a positive one. Don’t ruin it by getting nervous and rushing into the kiss and wanting more than just a kiss. Remember there is plenty of time for everything.
  • Express the pleasure you feel to your partner. Let them know that you are enjoying the kiss. Capture your partners’ rhythm without getting carried away. Start with slow soft kisses. Let the intensity grow stronger as the kissing continues. A kiss is more intense if it’s followed by body language. There are several ways this can be done: By moving the head from one side to the other while kissing, Or intertwining hands during the kiss. Another way is by touching the back of the neck and holding the head during the kiss. All of these gestures intensify the passion of the kiss as long as the other person is following the same body language and rhythm. If they aren’t then the kiss should probably stop.
  • But most importantly always, always remember to kiss as if it were your last kiss on earth.

The Test

If you followed the above steps then you know how to kiss. But how do you know if the other person is still interested. You can tell by trying the following technique: As a passionate kiss ends, very slowly withdraw from the kiss until your lips are slightly apart from your partners, and wait a second or two. If your partner draws near again then that indicates that your partner is passionately involved in the kiss. If your partner doesn’t draw near again then the kissing should probably stop.

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i think kissing is very very healthy and sloppy good.

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