Male Condom

A polyurethane or latex sheath (rubber) covers the penis and collects the semen, preventing sperm from entering a woman’s vagina. There are animal skin condoms available; however, unlike latex or polyurethane condoms, they do not provide protection from STDs, including HIV.

success rate
With typical use, 14 women in 100 will become pregnant in one year. With perfect use, three women in 100 will become pregnant in one year.

groovy part
It provides good protection against most STDs, including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Plus, it’s cheap, easy to carry around, and can be bought at any drugstore without a prescription.

drag factor
It can break especially if it’s not put on correctly; likewise, it can leak if not withdrawn carefully. Latex condoms must not be used with any oil-based lubricants like vaseline or massage oil. And some people may experience allergies to latex condoms.

how to get it
At drugstores and supermarkets; costs anywhere from 50 cents and up to several dollars a piece depending on the brand and style. They are often free at family planning clinics.

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