Six small rods are inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm, and these rods release the synthetic hormone progestin that prevents pregnancy.

success rate
Less than one woman in 1,000 becomes pregnant in one year.

groovy part
It protects against pregnancy for up to five years —without your having to do a thing. Plus, it starts working within 24 hours of insertion.

drag factor
Doesn’t protect against STDs including HIV; may cause irregular periods, headaches, weight gain, and acne. Some women may be able to see the rods under the skin. Plus, having the rods removed can be a hassle.

how to get it
Requires a visit with a health care provider; the cost for insertion is usually about $500 to $800, while removal usually costs more because it takes more time to do. Many clinics also have sliding scale fees, meaning you pay based on what you can afford.

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