Say “I love you” in a Way They Never Heard

There are many different ways to tell someone you love and care for them and it does’t have to be all about sex. They can also show you how much they care by doing the same things for you in your relationship.
Just spending time together should be great enjoyment and fun for you both lie by a quiet, beautiful lake and using your fingers trace a sentimental message of love on his chest or his back.

Leave a heart felt message in his coat or pants pocket for him to unexpectedly find during the day to remind him that he is loved and thought about by you.

Send a E-card or a short email to him while he is at work, to let him know he is on your mind and in your thoughts.

Make a scrapbook together of all your adventures and all of the places and things you have seen and done together. Take pictures every time you go somewhere and just keep adding them to the scrapbook, pretty soon you will have a complete chronicle of your life together.

Prepare a nice lunch for him and place it in his car where he will be sure to find it on his way to the office or if he has to work through lunch send him some take out of his favorite food to the office or deliver it yourself in person for nice pleasant surprise.

Plan a romantic picnic rendezvous for just you two, pack the picnic basket with some wine, glasses, strawberries, grapes, fine cheese and crackers and a nice comfy blanket to sit on and head out into nature to enjoy the wine and foods along with each other.

Burn a CD for each other of your favorite music and listen to them when you are away from the other, this will keep your thoughts with them and theirs with you until your next meeting.

On a Saturday or a Sunday morning, while he is sleeping in, prepare a scrumptious breakfast with all the trimmings, pancakes, sausage the works and include a rose on his tray, then serve it to him while he is still in bed. He will definitely be feeling the love on this little unexpected treasure.

Give him a neck, back and feet massage all in one afternoon, he will be so relaxed and de-stressed that he will offer you a day of spa treatment too.

Hug each other for a long time and drown every thing else in the world out but the two of you and your hearts beating in tune with one another.

Keep flirting with one another often, this keeps your relationship feeling fresh and new and helps keep the romance going too.

Plan a getaway camping trip for you both and no one else. Pack up your tent, the charcoal grill and plenty of food and firewood and head off into the wilds of nature. Don’t forget to bring a nice thick blanket to lie underneath the stars together and look up at them and dream of the rest of your lives together.

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