Short version of the interview with Drugsline Chabad

1. How were you introduced to drugs?

LP: The first drug I was introduced to was cannabis, whilst I was at school, my peers was smoking cannabis and that wasI how I got introduced to it, just people at school.

DG: The same for me the first drug I was introduced to was cannabis at school, one of my friends brought it in they got it off their brother, however we didn’t have a clue how to use it, and we actually ended up eating around about of an eight of the drug and basically we were physically sick and decided that we would never do anything like that again. However four weeks later with another friend brought it in and said he got some of his cousin and he said that he had kind of been smoking it for a while now, we were quite shocked that he said smoking it because we didn’t know anything, I had never even seen rizla’s until that day and so once again even though what had happened to us a few weeks before we smoked it this time and obviously the effects were very different and I became addicted very quickly.

2. How old were you when your first took drugs?

DG: I was about fourteen but for me I actually started taking drugs prescribed by the doctor for food suppressants because my addiction started before I was started taking drugs because I was addicted to food at 13 yrs old to change the way I felt because I was being labelled at school as being at and didn’t have friends which made me feel very insecure and different so I started eating and for me I realize now that that was my first addiction before drugs. So food suppressants were first addiction and first drugs I was on because I was taken them willy-nilly.

3. What effect did your get from the drugs you took?

DG: There are so many different effects from the so many different drugs I have taken there isn’t really the time to go into all of them. I will run through the most commonly used ones Cannabis: for me what it did was it made me relax, it made me forget that I felt different, that I felt overweight. Cannabis helped me forget who I was and become somebody I wasn’t. Cannabis gives you a false sense of security I hear a lot of people say cannabis gives me confidence in the same way alcoholics say alcohol gives me confidence, but what I realize today is that it wasn’t actually giving me confidence it was making me I not somebody I wasn’t. `I was losing sight of myself and becoming this other person who was I suppose more confident however my morals were going down my faiths and beliefs and some of the things I did whilst smoking cannabis were just as bad as the things I did when I became a Heroin addict.
Physically I have not been badly affected but I do know other people that have trouble breathing now because cannabis is smoked and smoking is our most dangerous drug in this country. It kills 300 people per day in this country.


DG: I took Ecstasy because of all of my friends were doing it. I was quite a late starter, I started taking it when I was nineteen whereas most of my friends took it at about sixteen. What ecstasy did for me again I would take it when I went to parties and clubs and the effects I got from Ecstasy was it made me feel I was in love with everybody that’s the only way I can describe it, it made me feel that everybody was my friend, so much so that the dangers of it were I’d be sitting there talking to somebody thinking that they were my friend and then realizing that I had never meet this person before didn’t know what they looked like and quite frankly I could have gone home with them and anything could have happened, because I felt such a loving feeling from the drug that everybody was OK. I witnessed an experience when one of my mates threw up on somebody, who was clearly on ecstasy, he had been sick all over the front of this guy in a club, and the guy turned around to him and said, “No that’s alright mate don’t worry about it, its no big deal”. Now if some guy had been sick all over me, I certainly would not have stood there and said “Its no big deal don’t worry about it”. This is example is just one way of describing what it feels like to be high on Ecstasy.

DG: If we move on to the latter stage of my addiction and we talk about the effects of Heroin and the Crack, I can’t tell you of any pleasant experiences I had from them because there is none. By then I was using drugs to totally escape from reality forgot all the stealing and lying and cheating I was doing, forget the people I was hurting around me, forget that I was in and out of prison, forget that my friends had all long since departed from me now and I was on my own, living in squats putting needles into my arms, and consequences go on and on and on.

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bull shit the whole way thru i barely seen anything real

No Werdz / June 27th, 2009, 3:47 pm / #

bud, then shrooms. the first freaked me out but the latter was decent. i had a lot of epiphanies whilst looking in the mirror and found a part of myself i thought i had long since lost forever. oh, but dont do drugs.

cris / September 5th, 2009, 12:27 am / #

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