Anxious or Stressed

At times, we all feel anxious or stressed. For instance, most of us worry about what other people think of us, which can affect our confidence or make us feel self-conscious. But for some people anxiety becomes overwhelming and continues for a long time, and can seriously affect their quality of life.

Sometimes anxiety can take the form of panic attacks. During a panic attack, the heart starts pounding and the person can feel shaky, sick or unable to breathe properly. Serious panic attacks can make people avoid going out or going to school or work.
When people have a very strong fear of a situation or object, it’s called a phobia. People can be afraid of going outside, or of being in a crowded place, or of particular animals or insects. People can also get intensely afraid of social situations, and find it very painful to be around other people because they are worried of being embarrassed or judged. Another anxiety disorder is obsessive compulsive disorder. Continue reading