What you need to know to help safeguard your child

The mere mention of child molestation strikes us with fear. Our first response is likely to be one of denial: this could never happen in my family – I don’t have to be concerned about this in my community. We have been using denial, as individuals and as a society, to escape the truth, at great expense to our children. Continue reading

Talking to Our Children About Sexuality

Easy!! How can talking about sex with your child possibly be easy? At first it may not be but with continued discussion and use of proper language it will get easier especially if your child is still young enough that the usual social taboos surrounding sexuality have not yet affected him/her. But how to start? In this article and more to follow we will relate some of our “Tips to Talk” to your children. Picture this: Your child poses the question “Where does a baby come from?”. The general method of answering all your child’s questions follows the acronym LAST. Continue reading

Chances for a Pregnancy

Most women at one time or another have “the big scare.” Either you wait it out in torture hoping your period arrives soon or you take charge, bite the bullet, and buy a home pregnancy test to find out NOW. Either way, most women have experienced it at least once. And let’s face it women today have more of a wide variety of choices in contraceptives than their grandmothers or even their mothers did. Continue reading