Talk To Us Please…What We Need To Hear From Parents

There are many things that we, as teenagers, need to hear from parents. Parents can help us by telling about past situations when they were teenagers. That way we can sort of relate to each other. The main thing that we need from parents is care and attention. Though we are growing up and are not children anymore, we still need guidance, care and advice from our parents. When our parents give us serious attention, we feel important. When they ignore us, we feel like not even trying, and giving up on certain things, because no one cares. We need the right amount of attention to be successful. Too much attention is not always a good thing because we, as well as everyone else in world, sometimes just need some space.

Another important issue that we can talk to parents about is drugs and drug abuse. It may seem uncomfortable or awkward talking to your parents about drugs, but that is what our parents are there for. They were once teenagers, and probably have had their own encounters with drugs. By parents talking to us about drugs, we can make the right choices, know the consequences, and stay drug free.

Other topics that we need to talk about with our parents are our grades in school, career goals, and our future. Parents should not put too much pressure on us about making good grades. They should want us to do the best that we can and help us and have concerns for us when we get low grades. When parents keep up with what their child is doing in school, they know if we need extra help or guidance. They should also encourage us to keep up our grades, because what we do in the future depends on the grades we make now, as teenagers, in high school as well as in college if we choose to go.

Parents should also talk to us about our responsibilities such as chores or other work. We should have certain responsibilities, so that we do not become lazy. We should also be rewarded for doing certain things whether it is keeping our grades up in school, doing chores, or helping around the house.

Another problem that some parents have is comparing their children to each other. For those of us who have brothers or sisters, that can be a major problem. Every one of us is different and we should not be compared to our siblings because no two people on this earth are exactly alike. We all have different characteristics, as well as good and bad points about us. We should be judged for our own self, and should take responsibility for us, and no one else.

What we need to hear from parents is good, constructive criticism. Parents need to know that what they tell us is important to us. Even though they may not know it, many teenagers listen to their parents and use the information they give to them in their everyday situations. Also, we as teenagers, need to know that we can talk to our parents about anything that is going on in our lives. Whether it is about drugs, school, sex, or our futures, our parents are there to help with these things; because hopefully, they love us, care about us, and want us to grow up to be successful people. So parents please keep talking to us. Even though it might seem like we are not listening, we do hear you.

Adam Jackson, Age 16, Woodrow Wilson High School
“Let’s Talk Month” Essay Contest Winners, High School Level

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