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Healthy sexual intimacy is an important part of a strong relationship. For some that is the only time they feel connected to their mate. Having a fun and fulfilling life with each other outside of the bedroom is just as important as inside. Planning a fun evening can sometimes be a chore but there are many things that you can do with your mate that don’t require a lot of thought or effort. Whether you and your partner need to reconnect or you are just looking for a fun night together take the initiative to plan a night that you’ll both enjoy. Many times looking to the simple and basic things can be the most difficult but can be the most rewarding.

You can start by reflecting on the past. What sort of things did you do together when you first started dating? Recreate some special moments with the restaurant where you shared your first date or the park you used to take long romantic walks together. Having fun doesn’t always have to require a big idea. With all of the craziness of busy schedules many couples find just being together at home with no distractions to be the trick. Surprise your mate by letting them know what time to be home and have everything all ready. Turn off the phones and have a romantic dinner at home complete with your favorite video and some ice cream. It could be the most fun you have had in a long time!

What are some things that you really enjoy? Depending on the season you can take a long drive and go pumpkin picking or hit the farm stands for fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a tour of the vineyards in your area if there are some and sample some fine wine. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery and the opportunity for the kind of conversation that only being in the car for a few hours will allow. You could drive around to nowhere and get lost together. See how you could make your way back home by working together to find your way…and no stopping to ask for directions either! Is your favorite team or band going to be in town on a day that you could get tickets? Why not make it a double date and meet up with some friends at the stadium or amphitheatre and go out to dinner afterwards. Everyone needs to scream for their favorites every once in a while to get the adrenaline going.

Speaking of adrenaline; are you into extreme sports? Nothing can get the blood flowing like a death-defying stunt to get the blood flowing. You could research local places in the area that offer activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, or parasailing. You could even do these activities “tandem” where you get to jump or sail together; especially if one of you gets a little scared! Balance out the excitement at a local spa where you can wind down and enjoy a massage for two. It could be the perfect end to an exciting weekend or just what you need at the start of it to make all of the workweek woes go away.
Being intimate with your mate doesn’t always have to involve being in between the sheets. A few hours and a little creativity can be just what the doctor ordered. The fun you have will make what happens in the bedroom even more intimate and the memories you share will last a lifetime.

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The second sentence in the fourth paragraph is redundant

Ben / March 11th, 2008, 10:00 am / #

I find this article to be just offensive. As a teenager I find sex unnecessary for relationships, yes, but the idea that cravings for sex in a committed relationship can not successfully filled by picking pumpkins or skydiving! There are better alternatives to sex while dating, but when trying to persuade young, not to mention horny teenagers, to participate in non-sexual activities, it is probably best to conduct better research before presenting it.

Tony / April 6th, 2009, 11:29 pm / #

I completely agree. I think alternatives for sex can be more… sexual than this… I mean, like seriously? Getting lost in the middle of nowhere? You think that’s a good idea? That’s just shouting “HEY HAVE SEX IN THIS CAR WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING!!” keep in mind, you ARE dealing with horny teenagers here.

guitarhomie / January 5th, 2010, 11:57 am / #

I think this arguement is completly plausible. I have a nymphomaniac for a Girlfriend and I truely love her with all my heart but I feel like we never do anything besides have sex. I feel it my job to try harder to make our relationship less about sex and more about love overall. I’m tired of getting it on in the car every other night, coming home and not getting a hug, but instead she dives to her knees and unbuttons my pants. So beleive it or not, there are teens out there that want more that just sex and actually have a heart.

ARI / April 28th, 2010, 1:46 pm / #

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