It’s a surgical procedure for men, in which the tubes that transport sperm into semen are blocked or tied off.

success rate
Less than one woman in 1,000 becomes pregnant in one year.

groovy part
It’s a permanent form of birth control; there are no lasting side effects; it’s safe, quickly performed, and cost-effective over the long run.

drag factor
Doesn’t protect against STDs, including HIV. Although reversal of the procedure is possible, it’s expensive and not always successful. That’s why the procedure is recommended only for men who have all the children they want, and are absolutely sure they do not want children in the future. After vasectomy it takes about 6 weeks for all sperm to be cleared, so another method of birth control must be used until a follow-up check shows no sperm in the man’s semen.

how to get it
Talk to your health care provider; cost can be fairly expensive depending on where you have the procedure done and how much your insurance will cover.

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