Wanna Ask Someone Out? Be Creative!

The dating game has become something more trivial these days. Especially after getting out of a long relationship of three years or more anyone can be skeptical of getting back out there to date again. Some are bitter depending on how the previous relationship ended they may want to hold out for awhile. While the prospects can be slim diving back in the dating scene may be the best idea, but can be challenging. No one wants to deal with all the negative energy that can be brought in to a new relationship. So now you’re ready to start over. What should you do? Spend money by creating a profile on E-harmony and hopefully wait to be paired up with someone with the same interests as you? This may work, but in the meantime always keep your options open. So you think that the new secretary at your job is kind of cute, but you’re contemplating asking her our for fear of being too brash. You can approach her and deal with the possibility of being rejected or you can send her some flowers with a note attached asking her out to lunch. This way you can get a feel for how she will react. You can also have the upper hand in this instance because then she will have to approach you to show her gratitude. Most likely she will take you up on her offer because women adore flowers. Just simply asking her out while riding on the elevator before having your cup of morning joe may not be the best idea. It’s too early in the morning and this can definitely lead to her rejecting you.

If there’s a chance to approach someone while at a social gathering this can also create a comfortable atmosphere to ask someone if their available for a harmless date. A date doesn’t necessarily have to be going out to dinner and a club. It can be as simple as meeting up at Starbuck’s or a caf. When everyone else is cheerful in the social circle and if you have the chance to ask them out they’re more than likely to accept. Don’t worry; everyone has been rejected at some time in their life. So don’t place yourself in the box that everything bad happens only to you. Ladies if you’re up to seeking out that special guy then the best place would probably be in a lounge/bar setting. The subtleness of the lounge particularly during happy hour you can opt to buy him a drink and start up a simple conversation. Flirting also works. Of course know and understand what flirting means. Flirting doesn’t mean following someone around in the grocery store, yet giving signals such as eyes meeting from across the room or dancing really close on the dance floor. Keep in mind that there is a difference between gentle flirting and exhibiting outright obsessive compulsive behavior. Women still love the thrill of the chase while still remaining soft and pink. Men you don’t want anyone blowing up in your face because you feel that drooling at the mouth is attractive.

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