Catch Their Attention: Be Creative

Once in a while, you might be walking along, minding your own business and then bam!
It feels like you have been hit by something. You stop and your head whirls. You feel sick to your stomach and start shaking. Then, after a few seconds you are able to compose yourself and look back toward the source of your distress. Who is that person over there? You peek curiously that way and watch. Yes, that person looks like someone you want to get to know. How will you ever succeed in getting their attention directed your way? You need to come up with a good method of flirting and get to work.

Flirting is one of the oldest human experiences. It is an instinct for humans to be social and seek out a mate. Age is not a requirement. Babies engage with adults by making cute faces and engaging stares to the best of their ability while an eighty year old gentleman might tell a lady how beautiful she looks. The methods with which human beings flirt are numerous; however, the goal is the same: to draw attention from other humans. Sometimes that engagement is related to sexual prowess, other times it is just being personable and friendly.

How one flirts depends on a number of factors. Are intentions pure and the focus of the interaction concerning the obtainment of a mate? This can be a more difficult flirtation situation because of the level of anxiety. Fears accompany this kind of flirting because if the flirter offends the person being pursued, the game is over. Not knowing the person well (and trying to get acquainted by flirting) means that committing a faux pax is likely at any given moment. In a situation such as this, observation before flirting with your object of affection might keep you from shoving your foot in your mouth. Try to see the person interact with others. Pick up on their sense of humor, what irritates them, interests, and lifestyle. Observing the person also gives one more to go on when trying to come up with a creative way to flirt. In this case,being sweet, humorous, and thinking before acting is the best strategy for flirting with your prospective sweetie.

Flirting just for the sake of it can be fun, but also a bad idea. Giving someone the idea that you like them is fine, but confusion over the exact nature of the “like” can indeed complicate your life. Especially if you are already involved in another relationship. Word can get back to your companion. No matter if your intentions were to just have a good time and your flirtations harmless in your mind, your other half will not be pleased and most likely will give you the boot after a lengthy, unpleasant squabble. Remember too that even the person you thought it would be fun to flirt with might be disgruntled and want nothing to do with you after your flirtations have been discovered. Many people regard this behavior as untrustworthy and do not want a mate who can be deceptive. Also, keep in mind that it is human nature to evaluate an event in their own terms. You might have given a bunch of flowers to a coworker who just broke up with her longtime boyfriend because you are trying to cheer her up, and the next thing you know she is in love with you and your girlfriend is kicking you out. Keep in mind any rammifications that your actions might have and be prepared for them.

Ideas for flirting are limitless. One of the most popular and oldest methods is the secret admirer approach. Sending flowers, a note, and arranging a mystery date are all in this category. This particular strategy can be fun and exciting. Leaving flowers on a doorstep or sending them to someone creates an air of romanticism and excitement. It is a classy way of saying to someone that you like them without putting your pride on the line and getting hurt. A note makes the person feel special and again can be romantic if done properly. Writing can be more complicated because of interpretation and writing abilities. When in doubt, quote a poem or find a sweet greeting card. After either or both of these, a mystery date can be the climax of the excitement and romanticism. Just keep in mind the possibilty for disappointment and rejection. The ending of this tyoe of flirting can be more painful if it turns out wrong.

Simply saying something sweet to catch attention can work well, especially if you do not know much about your target. Take clues from what they seem to be engaged in at the moment. Jusy try to not stumble, especially if shyness is a problem. Work up to something more substantial. This is perhaps the most direct approach and usually works best. Litle time is wasted because it is evident from the initial flirtation if the other party is interested or not.

One more approach is to act like a jerk. It draws attention to you in a way that puzzles the onlooker. Even if they are irritated, it intrigues the person to know more. They want to know what your problem is.

Some of the most creative ways to flirt involves a mysterious note or flowers, a mystery date, arranging an “accident” so you can seem either vulnerable or sweet, and just giving a simple compliment. Just keep in mind that what one perceives as sweet might not be so to another person. Usually acting like a clown and making someone laugh is a winner, as humor is another cornerstone of humanity. Making your self look ridiculous draws attention to you and creates intrigue.

Observe, make that first initial move, and gauge the reaction you receive. If it is positive, then keep going but increase your flirtations in intensity and frequency. Change them up to exhibit your dynamicism. Before too long, that attractive stranger from across the room could be in your arms. If not, chalk it up to a learning experience and keep practicing your skills. As with anything else, practice makes perfect (so long as you don’t get caught in a sticky situation).

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I don’t want to receive sandals on my head. Friends don’t take risk, improper flirt could take you to the hospital. Be ware of culture as well. Every culture has different ways of flirting, some has like mentioned above and in some cultures just be sober, and look into someones eyes would be enough to flirt. Gazing might put you in trouble. You have to be wise and witty to know who is interested before going to flirt with anyone.

Eurocon / December 29th, 2007, 5:41 am / #

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