Express Your Carefulness With Little or No Money

Love is a great thing. Many people are dating other people as I type this article. Dating is a part of our cultural landscape. Dating is a part of people’s socialization process. Dating is a way in which people get to know one another on an intimate level. When people date each other couples often get each other gifts and small tokens of affection to illustrate their caring for one another. These gifts and small tokens of affection can be expensive or inexpensive. It is the thought that counts when it comes to giving a significant other a gift. I think that the inexpensive gifts are more special because more personal thought goes into them. I mean that anyone can buy a car or diamond ring for someone. But, it takes incredible though to paint a picture or to write a beautiful poem. It has also been my belief that a bit of creativity and imagination can produce a beautiful gift that comes from the heart whether the gift is expensive or inexpensive. In addition, whether the gift is considered expensive or inexpensive is relative to the person who is buying the gift. For example, a 10,000 dollar diamond ring would be expensive to most people but it would be inexpensive to Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

Gifts have been signs of people’s love and affection for many centuries. The kinds of gifts given to each other have changed over the centuries and over the years. In Bethlehem, the three wise men brought gifts of gold frankincense, and mer to the baby Jesus. I am not certain about the total cost for those three gifts but an am sure that these beautiful gifts were inexpensive especially if the three wise men went in on the baby gift together. I am just kidding about that last statement. However, I think those there gifts were inexpensive because the wise men didn’t seem to have much money so they might have had to get creative when choosing gifts to bring to baby Jesus. However, the three wise men did care about the birth of baby Jesus so they brought a gift to him. Moreover, I don’t think that creating an inexpensive gift such as a poem or a painting would have cut it if you were bringing a gift to a queen or king because kings and queens are used to expensive gifts such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and peals; although, if you were taking a gift to the Queen of England, she might love a gift of tea and scones. This is because having afternoon tea is very important to most English people.

Most people love to get creative gifts. Recently, I wrote a poem for part of a wedding gift and I also bought them a fondue set because I knew they loved fondue. They loved both gifts because they knew that they both came from my heart. An inexpensive gift that shows that you care is the gift of your time. I volunteer at a bookstore. In addition, I have helped create Easter baskets for children.

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