Be Confident and be Pride of Yourself

Being single can have its ups and downs, and people can lose confidence in themselves, but people have to pursue the career of their lives so they can increase their confidence. This is something that I had to learn.
Since I am single, I have had some difficult times because I have always wanted to be married. It was hard seeing my friends or relatives getting married and having children, and me still being single, but I learned to cope with my life. I continued to pursue what I wanted to do in life, which was to become a full-time freelance writer and to work at home.
Because it takes time to build up a freelance writing business, I had to pursue other types of work. I first went to college and struggled a lot, but I finally got my first degree in Human Development and Family Life from Kansas University.
I moved back to Topeka and had a day care for 10 years in my home that I bought, but I lost my home because of my financial struggles, so I had to move home with my parents. My confidence started dropping again, but I continued to press onward to do something. I became an emergency substitute teacher and worked toward a BA Degree in English with a writing emphasis at Washburn University. However, during that time, my mother became seriously ill, so I spent most of my time as her caregiver until she passed away, which was the week I graduated from Washburn.

Then, I became my father’s caregiver, and he became seriously ill and passed away in 2005. Even though I was depressed about having to move back home, I saw why that happened in my life. I was to be my parent’s caregivers, and live in the home where I grew up.
During my father’s illness in 2002, I continued my freelance writing, but I also became an online tutor. I enjoyed helping students increase their academic skills and communicating with the staff online. However, after having had the job for five years, I lost it, which was devastating to me because that was my main source of income, and I missed teaching the students.
Even though it was a difficult time, I knew then that I was to pursue my freelance writing career on a full-time basis. While I was an online tutor, I found a website where I started writing lesson plans. That helped me a lot to build up my confidence because the person I was writing the lesson plans for told me that the teachers have been impressed with my lesson plans.
I felt good about myself and knew that I could succeed as a writer, but I needed to find the kind of writing jobs that I preferred and could do. I also became a blogger and started developing a Genre Fiction blog, which I have enjoyed writing. Besides those two writing sites, I have written book reviews and have met some famous authors whom I have been writing to by e-mail. I have also developed my own website, and I have written and sold some eBooks.
Being single does have difficult times especially being lonely and trying to meet financial obligations, but people can be happy being single and have confidence in themselves, if they pursue the career of their choice. For me, it was being a freelance writer.

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what do we do when brokenhearted? I was rejected after 2 months and now im deppressed

confused as hell / March 4th, 2008, 1:00 pm / #

I am 17 year young man. in malaysia. in my school , i have quite a lot of friends but none they turn our my best friends . that always make me alone in the class maybe i think i not talk active that why i try to join my friends conversation but sometime those conversation mean no meaning to me just a bullshit thing, and i always want to find a friends that understand me and know what i want to chat like science, math , homework like a group study but it is hard to found because my classmate are very lazy …
tell me how i should find a best friends ???

tan / May 13th, 2008, 5:03 pm / #

get a hobby or join a club. im 14 and a lot of my friends were like that, but they treated me like bs. ill admit that even now they have affected my confidence and courage to the point to where i couldnt even dance with the girl of my dreams when i took her to a ball that SHE asked me to and SHE asked to dance with me. since i left middle school and ditched my old friends ive joined an anime club and have consistently gone to card tournaments. there i have met a lot of friends who share my same interests. so my advice is to pick something you enjoy (prefferably non-stressful) and see if there are any places around that hosts metings for people who share your interests

matt / December 22nd, 2009, 1:33 pm / #

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