Facts About Condoms

Most of the population is currently sexually active. Many times people have several different sexual partners throughout their lifetime. Sex is a physical release that relieves stress and tension in the body. There are certain risk factor involved with sexual intercourse. If a person engages in unprotected sex they are at risk for a number of sexually transmitted diseases. Many STD’s are treatable but some are life-threatening and eventually lead to death. If a man uses a condom this protects him and his sexual partner from STD’s and unplanned pregnancies. Condoms are over ninety-nine percent effective.

There are a few tips to remember when using a condom. First of all always store condoms in a cool, dark place. Make sure to check the expiration date before using a condom. When opening a condom be careful not to tear or nick the condom with your teeth or fingernails. If a condom becomes torn throw that condom away as the tear will cause the condom to be ineffective. A man should hold the tip of the condom between his forefinger and thumb. At the head of the penis leave room for semen. Use your other hand to unroll the condom enveloping the penis shaft. After sexual intercourse grip the condom at the base of the penis and pull out of your partner while the penis is still in an erect position. When removing roll the condom towards the penis head. Dispose of all used condoms in the trash. For each act of sexual intercourse always use a new condom.

If during sexual intercourse a condom breaks pull out and replace the defective condom with a new one. Men should be able to feel if the condom has broken while they are thrusting.

Some men complain that a condom inhibits the feeling of sexual pleasure. There are several tips at increasing sexual arousal. Experiment and have a little fun by having your partner put the condom on with their mouth. This can make the use of a condom more sexually stimulating for both of you. Also, you can add a drop of lubricant to the inside of the condom. This increases sensation. Only use a water-based lubricant. Another fact to remember is that condoms allow men to last longer in bed which leads to a more satisfying experience for their partner.

If you are allergic to latex there are alternatives that you can use. A polyurethane condom is the most popular alternative for people who are latex sensitive. A polyurethane condom is just as effective in protecting against STD’s as a latex condom. Silicone or oil-based lubricants are recommended for use when using this type of condom. Lambskin condoms are also on the market but they are ineffective in the prevention of STD’s. The FDA does not recommend use of this condom.

Condoms come in all sorts of different colors and flavors. Yes, you can purchase condoms that are tropical flavored or strawberry flavored or chocolate flavored. Condoms protect you and your sexual partner from STD’s and pregnancy. Do not take a chance, instead make the experience fun and try one of the above mentioned tips. Make sex not only orgasmic but also safe.

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