Ways To Maintain New Relationships

Everyone knows the warm feeling and the cool rush of a new relationship. The anticipation of that call, those knocks on the door, or just the brief brushing of hands walking down the street. The electricity and the infatuation is always the best part of a new relationship, but it does not last forever for everyone. However, some couples do have that spark for years and years to come. These couples obviously know the secret to maintaining a new relationship.

The most important way to maintain a new relationship is to stay honest with one another. It is an old adage, but honesty is truly the best policy. Do not lie and betray each other’s trust early on or ever. Once the trust is gone, there is no going back. If something is bothering you, share it. Get it out in the open. If there is something in your past, do not try to hide it. Eventually, all your dirty laundry will be aired anyway, might as well do the washing early on.

Another way to maintain a new relationship is to communicate. If a couple does not speak to each other and share feelings there is no way to tell what the other is thinking or feeling. Remember, in most cases, neither one of you is a mind reader. If something bothers you, tell your partner. If you are feeling sad or lonely, share it. Communication is key. It opens up the relationship for a stronger future and keeps the couple connected. Never avoid confrontation just because you are afraid of a fight or argument. If you do, all that negative energy can bottle up and explode later on.

Budding relationships are always so much fun for both parties. Every little thing that he or she does is the cutest thing ever in the eyes of his or sweetie. That laugh that turns into a cackle after several months, the way she squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, and the way he always puts the milk container back into the fridge empty. It may all be cute and funny at first, but after a while, all these idiosyncrasies could add up. A way to maintain a new relationship is to not sweat that small stuff.

A big way to ruin a new relationship is to drop the “L bomb” way too soon or to say it and not mean it. If you are planning on telling your partner that you love them, make sure you really do. Of course, it may be hard to tell if you love someone – often enough it is just lust or infatuation. But when you know, you know. Never say that you love someone when you do not.

Lastly, a way to maintain a new relationship is to not smother your partner! In the beginning, of course you just want to eat each other up all the time, but give that guy or girl some space! Let them breathe. As long as you both feel that you have your own life and time, things can grow and blossom without any resentment.

While these little tips are not the end all be all of maintaining a new relationship, they can certainly help. Although a new relationship is fun and full of fireworks, it does need work and nurturing.

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i browsed through lots of articles, but i was impressed by your advise on new relationships.
i have had relationships that never worked, frustrating and unhappy and i let them go. i believe this was a result of how i natured them.

This time around i am in a new relationship and would really takeup your tips. I can see myself happy in this relationship.

Great work

Nelao / May 27th, 2008, 10:59 pm / #

i hope to build a solid relationship via this forum.

iteji abraham ewahi / November 12th, 2009, 2:53 am / #

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