Having Fun Without Sex Ideas

In this day and age saving sexual encounters until you are married or are sure you are with your life partner is a wonderful idea and a great set of values for all people not just the teenagers.
There are other fun and exciting alternatives to having sexual intercourse with each other, that let you enjoy each others company and that let bond with one another also.

You can enjoy giving each other a soothing and relaxing foot massage using a really good foot moisturizing rub and even get him to do a paint job on your toes afterwards. Give him a added bonus of a neck and back massage for a paint job well done.

Hold hands and steal precious kisses while you are out in public places, let everyone around you know you two are a true couple and love each other.

Order a delicious dessert and ask for two spoons, share this delectable sweet treat with one another and even feed it to each other if you are brave enough. This is a very romantic thing for a couple to do together.

Caress one another’s faces while you share an unbelievably sweet kiss with each other.

Just lie together in each others arms and listen to the beats of your hearts sounding together, tune everything else out in the world except the two of you and the moment you are sharing right now.

Plan a picnic, pack up a nice cozy blanket, picnic supplies, drinks, sandwiches, chips and fruit and head out into the great wild world, drive wherever you want to whether it is in the mountains, at the beach or to the lake and stop for a quiet romantic picnic for just you two wherever you feel is the right spot.

Play board or card games with one another, you will be spending time together and having fun competing with each other also.

Relax by the pool or the lake, put sun block or suntan oil on each other and lounge around catching some rays together, go for a swim and even go fishing together and see who is the better fisher person.

Go dancing with each other, if you don’t know how, go out and take dancing lessons together then wow all your friends at the dance parties and clubs.

Pick one night a week to cook up a delicious meal with each other. Pick a different recipe every week and make sure he helps with the slicing, mincing and stirring as well. When all the work is done, sit down just the two of you and enjoy your masterpiece made by you two as a team. Sit the table with candles and your nice dishes and enjoy the rest of the evening.

And last but definitely it is not the least, talk with each other and keep the flow of communication going between the two of you, this will help strengthen your relationship and iron out any issues each of you may have. You will also be better able to confide with each other about everything.

Sex does not have to be all there is in a relationship between two people. Many people are choosing not to have sex until they are married and you can too, without compromising romance and bonding with the one you care for and still have great fun together.

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well, what if you live in secrecy like we do? are there other things? because we have a very good reason to keep it a secret>.

Adam / August 21st, 2007, 12:33 pm / #

Well, I think you are promoting abstainance before marriage a little too much here. There is nothing wrong with having a safe sex life as long as you feel ready and are over the legal age. If you’re not ready then of course wait.

Of course sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship, with my boyfriend we both said we think that it’s like 20% of the relationship. Then 40% romance and closeness and 40% friendship and compatabilty . Sex is a very intimate act that shouldn’t be made to sound so sinful as long as people are responsible and inform themselves on contraceptives.

And yes, there is religion. And I totally respect that some religious people do want to wait for marriage. I don’t think it should be expected of teens and young people to have sex just because they are with someone. But I do think that in a list of sex alternatives the pro “saving yourself for marriage” stuff is a little unecessery, you don’t have to be waiting for marriage to not want to have sex yet.

Rosie / October 15th, 2007, 6:28 pm / #

@ ROSIE: why so personal?…..if you don’t like it, don’t read it….or did it strike a cord somewhere?……..:)

Francis / December 30th, 2008, 4:21 am / #

should a couple seriously think. of entering into swinging after the 5th year of marriage?

judy jerome / January 14th, 2009, 7:08 am / #

haha. If you both are already bored and have done EVERYTHING (kama sutra included), then sure. But five years seems pretty short to start swinging… I’m no expert, obviously.

NICK / April 29th, 2009, 12:52 am / #

Absolutely correct and wise advice. I like it. Those who don’t like this, are you REALY sure sex should be the springboard for a lasting relationship?

Is that Love or Lust?

Girls/women are reduced to objects of pleasure only to be dumped after a series of ‘flings’ for the next ‘hot chick’.
Sex is very important in a relationship but only with that special someone. Not that guy/girl you just met at that party.
Romance is sweet and the ripened fruit (waited sex) much sweeter because it’s special.

Adams / July 24th, 2009, 4:31 am / #

why would someone come to a blog like this and say that it is promoting abstinence too much? Good thing you are putting out Rosie, you don’t sound that smart.

joyce / February 14th, 2010, 6:35 am / #

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