How Real Couples Act

In almost every romantic relationship, sex is a key factor. Yes, you may love one another deeply, but usually, it all started with that spark of sexual attraction. Many people come together because they are physically attracted to each other and the emotional ties grow stronger from that point on. Additionally, they also like each other. Real relationships often start off as simple crushes on a cutie.

New relationships are often like the sexual Olympics. There is sex in the morning, sex in the afternoons, and definitely sex in the evenings. Double that when you see each other less frequently. In the beginning, the air is thick with infatuation and lust. As time goes on, this dwindles down a bit, but the spark still exists. Real couples that have been together for a significant amount of time generally have sex less often than new couples.

Emotions play a big part in the sexual activity of real couples. When one is tired, physically or emotionally, sexual desire is often reduced. It may not have anything to do with his or her lust for their partner. But, emotions and stress both do have a direct affect on the libido.

Sometimes, there is actually more sex when one partner is emotionally drained or overextended. In these situations, sex could be used to fill a void, much like over-eating, drinking, or taking drugs. Real couples may use sex as a way to relieve this stress in one another as well.

Sexual activity among real couples is usually a way to connect with one another. If there is a lack of sex in a relationship, problems often occur. One or both parties may begin to feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled, unattractive, or unwanted. A combination of these feelings could occur. Jealousy may arise.

It is important to keep a healthy sex life in a relationship. Real couples benefit from an active sex life emotionally, mentally, and physically. Often sexual frustration can result in depression and anger or the opposite can be true – depression and anger can lead to a lack of sex or sexual desire.

Real couples in a healthy relationship talk about their sex life and are interested in keeping the other satisfied. It is always important to be aware of the sexual wants and needs of your partner. It is not always easy to maintain a spicy sex life, but trying new things with your partner can make all the difference. If there is something one partner would like to try, as long as it does not make the other feel unsafe or uncomfortable, the other should engage in the activity. Real couples often try this to keep the spice!

The truth is, real couples have their ups and downs emotionally and sexually. A real relationship is not always going to be peaches and cream and it takes a lot of work for the participants. Real couples that maintain healthy relationships do fight and argue, and do have periods where there is not much sex, but they work them out. Communication and consideration are the keys to real life relationships.

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This portion of the website really got to me because I feel like I really love my partner but over the course of our 7 month relationship (the first time we had sex – both virgins – marked the first day of our relationship although we had been seeing each other for a few months prior to that) we have only had sex a handful of times. I understand that it is probably because we are both students living at home with our parents so it is hard to find a good time and place. In addition to only having sex a handful of times, we’ve also had a handful of problems. He wouldn’t go down on me until about the 7th or 8th time we had sex, even though he knew it was something I wanted and although I had performed oral sex on him a few times before that. It was a big deal for me to even voice that because my anatomy is not very attractive and I’ve battled emotional issues because of the way I look down there and overcome them since. A few times after that, keeping an erection became the problem. He explained that he was having trouble because he kept envisioning me cheating on him with his friend because of a rumor that had been spread that was false. We talked about it and I assured him that it was false and that thinking it was true was ridiculous and laughable. He said that he trusted me fully. We tried again and the same thing happened, he got an erection for about a minute and then lost it. This time he said it wasn’t about the previous issue and that he didn’t know why it happened. We haven’t even attempted to have sex for 2 months now and I feel unwanted, unloved, frustrated and sad. Help!

Sara / April 17th, 2009, 12:02 pm / #

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