Internet Dating

Meeting someone on the Internet can be exciting especially if people are single because they want someone to communicate with at times and to develop a relationship even if it is over the Internet.
I have had some problems at times meeting people and dating. I have dated in the past, but there has never been a serious relationship. I gave up dating and wanting to get married so that I could pursue my own desires as a freelance writer and working at home.
I first started developing relationships over the Internet when I worked as a contributing editor for I started chatting with someone who happened to be my senior manager, which was five years ago. Because of her being my senior manager, we had a lot of contact and began developing a relationship through the e-mail and through Yahoo Messenger. Besides meeting her, I developed other relationships with girls through Suite101, and we still correspond by e-mail.
During my online tutoring job that I had for five years, I developed another friendship with a guy whom I trained to tutor online. He was married and loved animals and teaching online. I loved my dogs as well, so we had something in common, and we talked about our dogs and training them.
The Internet can be positive for people meeting others online, but it can also have a negative affect on people if you meet the wrong people.
A friend of mine I have known for years was married, but after several years of marriage, he wanted to pursue other relationships, so he registered for some single chat rooms. His wife was also a close friend of mine, so what happened in their relationship was very difficult for me. He met a woman online who happened to live a few miles away from him, so he went to see her a few evenings during the week. They began to develop a closer relationship, and he even took her to meet his family by pretending to be friends and nothing more. As time passed, he ended murdering his wife so he could be with the other woman. However, the jury found him guilty of murder, and the judge sentenced him to 25 years to life. This devastated me because I not only lost my girl friend, but I lost her husband and children. I knew the couple before they were even married, so it was difficult.
Since that time, he gave up his parental rights and some friends adopted the children. After being in prison for a year, he married someone else who had helped him after his wife’s death.
Being single, or even being married and wanting to pursue other relationships can be difficult, but people need to think about who they meet on the Internet and make sure they are pursuing the right relationships. People never know whom they will meet on the Internet, so it’s better to pursue a dating relationship in their hometown than on the Internet.

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