It’s No Longer Just a Friendship…

Many people who are single and dating will often meet a lot of people and inevitably go on many dates. Those who are not serious about meeting someone with relationship potential will often limit themselves to dating likeminded people; those who are looking for casual get-togethers and flings. It is often considered to be morally wrong to date while looking for the chase if the other person involved does not know that you have no intention of becoming serious with them. However, if both parties have a mutual understanding that the relationship will stay on a level of friendship this type of arrangement may work temporarily. When a person is committed to loving the idea of a chase, of catching as many people as they can, they can often be thrown completely off guard if suddenly they find themselves in a situation in which the relationship has become more than a friendship.

When a person is dating only for brief moments of satisfactions and personal achievement, life can suddenly turn a bit confusing when what seemed to be a perfectly good friendship turns into something more. It can easily happen. If two people begin to spend time together, even if they both agree to keep it simple it may evolve. When people find they are spending time with someone that they find enjoyable, they will unavoidably wish to spend more and more time with that person. The friendship may grow into something that was not expected; strong feelings of desire and a longing for a more serious relationship.

Taking the friendship to a new level is just a matter of mutual understanding, respect and will require the need for communication skills between both people. The first step is communicating your feelings to the other person. Although it may seem like a daunting task, it is not as difficult as one may think. As the popular expression goes, timing is everything. Choose a quiet time when you know there will be no interruptions and convey your feelings to the other person. Be quite honest about what you are feeling and most importantly what you are seeking. Are you looking to date exclusively, enter into a serious relationship or even attain a goal of marriage, making sure the other person knows exactly how you feel will help sort out feelings and hopefully led to a united partnership.

The occasion may occur, of course, when one person feels that the situation has become more than a friendship and the other person is more than happy to keep things as they are. This situation can be a bit tricky, as the person who is experiencing stronger emotions may be very displeased that the other is not in agreement. Again, communication is the key. If a person does not feel that they wish for more than a friendship, it is important to make that fact very clear, while stating it with the utmost respect and admiration. Being let down is never an easy situation to go through. If you make sure to focus on the friendship and offer caring and support, it will help to ease the situation and hopefully the friendship can remain intact.

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