If it’s More Than Just Sex

Sex may mean a lot of different things to many people. Some see it as a form of release and simply a means to personal satisfaction. However, more many woman and more men as well, sex is not just a physical act. The act of sexual intercourse can bring about many feelings. If a person has sex with someone who is not on the same emotional ground regarding the expressive importance of sex, it may lead to many issues. This problem is found mostly with the female population; however men can have a deep understanding of just how personal sex can be.

While many men will date woman to achieve sexual fulfillment and to have the value of a fun and enjoyable companion, many woman look for more than that. Women who have a healthy understanding and respect for themselves will generally understand that sex is so much more than the actual physical act itself. Unfortunately, men do not always agree and this situation can happen even with couples who are married.

Sex is more than just a good lay or a time to achieve personal satisfaction. When a woman decides to have sex, she is not just agreeing to the act itself. At that moment, a woman is making the choice to give her body to the man. Most women do not make this choice lightly. Giving your body to another person involves an enormous amount of trust. A woman must feel that the man respects her and will treat her with kindness, understating and caring. For most women, it is a deep fear that once she agrees to sexual intercourse with a man, after they have completed it, he will disappear from her life. Women are afraid that the man is only after the chase. It is only after spending much time with each other and learning about the other person’s personality, goals, lifestyle and so much more, will most women then agree to have sex. A lot of woman and also a good portion of men, will want sex to mean something, they want it to more than just a good lay.

When a woman has decided to give herself to her partner, and sex ensues women in general feel many emotions. This can be explained, in part, on chemical reactions that take place in the female brain. Certain endorphins are released and some clinical studies have shown that the chemical that are produced when a person falls in love are the same chemicals that are produced when a woman has sex. Sexual intercourse can bring about very strong emotions in a woman, and if her partner cares about her, he should be very supportive of those feelings. He should never refer to the sex act as a lay. The most popular expression that will cause a woman to feel she deserves the respect she wishes for is to refer to the act as making love or sleeping together.

If a person has always thought of sex as simply having a good lay, they should carefully consider the consequences. Thinking of sex in such simple terms, they are not allowing themselves to truly enjoy all that can come of such a union. The sharing of two bodies can be a beautiful experience. Those how have always thought of sex as an act of self pleasure are missing out on the wonderful experience a person can have when they allow themselves to get joy from pleasing their partner. To use another human being for their own personal pleasure with no regard to the other’s feeling, needs and wants is immoral and will never lead to that person gaining respect for themselves or from others.

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