Religion and Sex: Symbiosis is OK

Is your religion affecting your dating life? Do you feel there is no one out there for you because they cannot understand your religion and thus your views on premarital sex? We see scenarios in the movies all the time with a religious person refusing to have sex with those they are dating and the person eventually leaving them for someone else. It does happen. Is it your beliefs that are the problem, certainly not. I can speak for all those out there wondering if not having sex leads to a table for one. It doesn’t. It may lead to an emptier table, but not an empty table.

There are a lot of men and women out there with the same beliefs. There are also a lot of men and women out there who respect a person’s beliefs. Yes, religion for the most part, especially Catholicism, teaches the concept of no premarital sex. Does this mean it is the right decision for you? The answer to that question is within you. I by nature am not a religious person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hold with certain values. I can guarantee I don’t eat alone when I go out. Yes I have had guys pressure me for remaining celibate, but then I’ve found they aren’t usually the type I wish to be with. I have found men to date who don’t pressure me. Does it always work out? No, it doesn’t. For one reason or another we aren’t compatible, but I’ve never had to give up a belief to date these types of men.

Being celibate does not lead to a table for one. It may take you a little longer to find a companion, but in the end it is probably worth the wait. How many times have you seen a friend date many people only to end up hurt every time after they have sex with the person they were dating? It happens frequently. One friend of mine was very active in dating and having one-night stands. This did not make her happier. Most often it made her feel worse. Another friend in a rebound relationship decided to give up her virtue. When the relationship was over she was hurt, but she had deep feelings for him, which led to her choices. She doesn’t regret the decision, and she is still looking for the right guy.

So no being celibate doesn’t always lead to a table for one, and if it does then you haven’t found the right guy to honor that seat yet. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your beliefs. Religion is an important part of a lot of people’s lives. What religion means to you and what you follow within your religion is your choice, not someone else. Finding the right person to fit with your beliefs is not as easy as the movies. The right person is not always available, but he can exist.

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