Why No Date Him/Her?

When you meet someone that you realize you’re going to have the opportunity to date, there’s a few standard thoughts that should go through your mind, pretty much centering around self-preservation and the avoidance of incarceration in a correctional facility. If you see any of the following attributes in your prospective “significant other”, run, don’t walk, the other way.

  1. Significantly out of date fashion choices, particularly hair styles. Sure, the mullet looks good on some people no matter what decade we’re in. Some guys just look natural in a mullet. But beware the individual who doesn’t know they look completely ridiculous in a hair style that was popular more than a decade previous. If they know they look ridiculous that’s one thing, but if they’re unaware…….run. They have serious issues with leaving the past behind.
  2. Confusing conversations about family planning and birth control. Most people in this day and age know exactly how they feel about birth control, abortion, having kids. Whether they’ve fallen on the side of neo-nazi conservatism or knee-jerk liberalism, nearly anyone with a smidgen of intelligence today has been confronted with and decided how they feel about those issues. Beware the person who doesn’t appear to have figured themselves out on that yet. They’re either lacking the confidence to be honest with you, or lacking the smarts necessary to be honest with themselves, or worse, avoiding reality until “fate” decides. Plus, you wanna know how they feel about kids, for real, and how they’ll be raising them, before you have an accidental bun in the oven.
  3. Inexplicable monetary resources. Nuff said. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and if you believe they bought that gorgeous Hummer on their salary as a police officer and with “smart investing,” then you deserve to take the stand as a witness when Uncle Sam calls you.
  4. Big, expensive habits. Gambling, alcohol, recreational drugs . . . in a regular fashion. Nobody’s saying it’s not fun to be whisked off to Vegas for the weekend to remember, but beware the partying individual who falls back on having a good time when life demands otherwise. You don’t want to start a relationship with this person. When the party’s over, and sooner or later it will be, you’ll have only a shell of a relationship left to work with. It might sound like a cliche, but the person who’s turned on by “walks in the park and beautiful sunsets” is a good catch, someone you just might be able to grow old with, and with whom you might just live happily ever after.
  5. Anger management skills. Let’s face it, life is infuriating. Anyone who walks around on this planet, right now, has plenty to be angry about. Global warming, the price of gas, the healthcare crisis . . . we’re all pissed off about something, in a regular fashion. Steer clear of the individual who can’t compartmentalize their anger and keep a clear head. If your prospect is still angry on Friday about a snub they received on Monday . . . run. This person can’t separate the good times from the bad, including whatever good times might happen between you.

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i just started dating a new guy. he’s a wonderful lover, and he’s invited me to the east coast

Evangeline / May 8th, 2010, 3:17 am / #

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