Sexual Pressure: Alcohol and Drugs Make It Harder

Most individuals have their first sexual experience before they are twenty years of age. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable and wondrous experience between two people. Unfortunately, sex does not always turn out to be this. There is so much peer pressure on teenagers today to have sex. Sexuality is everywhere especially on television, the internet and popular advertisements. One only has to turn their head to see a billboard of a bikini-clad woman or turn on the television to see two people in bed together. There are so many sexual influences that are applying pressure to teenagers today. Some teens feel that they must keep up with their friends, that they have to have sex in order to be popular or that sex will make their boyfriend or girlfriend happy. The truth is that no one should have sex until they are ready.
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Alcohol is a drug. Drinking alcohol is dangerous for teens and teenagers and sometimes for adults, too. Many kids have their first drink at an early age, as young as 10 or 11 or even younger. Continue reading

Drugs and Alcohol

People use alcohol and drugs in different ways – usually to experiment, to relax, or to get high. Because drugs and alcohol affect your mind as well as your body, they can have a strong effect on your feelings and thoughts. These effects usually wear off as the substance gets out of your system. Continue reading