Cho Seung Hoi

Cho Seung Hoi was a loner, a very sad individual who found himself unable to cope with the world around him and the people in it. Roommates at Virginian Tech consider themselves to be lucky to have been spared. No one really understood that their behavior and attitude towards this disturbed young man would ever evolve into such a bloody rampage, taking so many lives. Not being popular among students in such a big university is not unusual, not everyone can be in the spot light and other students had no idea this was affecting Cho so much. Cho Seung Hoi was not particularly chosen as being a bully’s victim during his time at the school; rather classmates did not know that a student had such violent behavior brewing just below the surface. Known for listening to Collective Soul’s Shine repeatedly day in and day out, he was thought to be a bit unusual and a loner. Not easily approachable, people wonder that even if things were different and he had an enormous group of close friends; would it have actually made a difference; would he mind have functioned properly? Continue reading

Angry At The World

While most people encounter anger in their lives, find a way to deal with it and then move on; there are others who experience the feeling of anger to a much stronger degree but they are completely unable to deal with it. They allow this anger to build up inside them until it consumes every facet of their being. What does someone who feels like an outsider to the rest of the world do when their inner anger reaches that point? They feel completely overwhelmed with their rage yet they are unable to talk to anyone because they also feel total seclusion. Continue reading