Masturbation FAQ

Mary Ellen:

If a guy masturbates too often, he will suffer the consequences. Do the same consequences apply if a guy has sex too often? If not, why does forgetfulness and such happen only during masturbation, but not from sexual intercourse?


Mary Ellen, Many men who use repeated masturbation in order to achieve satisfaction also seek out drugs that are supposed to be sex stimulants. Some recreational drugs, namely alcohol and marijuana are supposed to be drugs that can help a man to enhance his sexual performance. A man who takes the time to masturbate on a regular basis might also make a point of using supposedly sex-enhancing drugs.

If a man repeatedly takes-in or uses sex-enhancing drugs, and if he then enjoys masturbation look what happens. He has removed a fair amount of the liquid in his body. That will lead to a concentration of the drug(s) in his body. Such a concentration could well cause the same man to suffer unwanted health effects, such as forgetfulness.

A man who masturbates tends to be alone on a regular basis. Being alone, he has more chances to use sex-enhancing drugs. A man who has frequent sex is less often alone. He therefore has fewer opportunities to engage in drug use.

Drug use, rather than masturbation, can have important health effects. At times repeated sex can have an effect. There are cases of sex addiction, but that will be covered more fully in the response to a later question.
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Masturbation Facts

Forget whatever you’ve heard about masturbation. Masturbation is one of those topics you very rarely ever hear the facts about, but no one wants to talk about it. As any topic having to do with sex or the genitals, masturbation is not a topic for polite conversation. But when you’re young and healthy, you’re bound to have questions about your body. Hopefully, this will give you all the facts about masturbation you really need to know. Continue reading

Masturbation and Catholicism

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Is There Too Much of Masturbation?

Several years ago masturbation was considered to be a taboo topic but as sexual roles are changing people are becoming more open in discussing sex and masturbation. In America during the Puritan era parents would put bulky gloves or other devices on their children’s hands to prevent masturbation. It was considered a sin to allow a man’s seed to spill onto the floor. The children of this generation must have felt confused and guilty when they were only curious about their own sexuality. Everyone becomes curious about sex at a young age often leading to exploration of their sexual organs and masturbation. So how often is too often in the case of masturbation?
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