Masturbation FAQ

Mary Ellen:

If a guy masturbates too often, he will suffer the consequences. Do the same consequences apply if a guy has sex too often? If not, why does forgetfulness and such happen only during masturbation, but not from sexual intercourse?


Mary Ellen, Many men who use repeated masturbation in order to achieve satisfaction also seek out drugs that are supposed to be sex stimulants. Some recreational drugs, namely alcohol and marijuana are supposed to be drugs that can help a man to enhance his sexual performance. A man who takes the time to masturbate on a regular basis might also make a point of using supposedly sex-enhancing drugs.

If a man repeatedly takes-in or uses sex-enhancing drugs, and if he then enjoys masturbation look what happens. He has removed a fair amount of the liquid in his body. That will lead to a concentration of the drug(s) in his body. Such a concentration could well cause the same man to suffer unwanted health effects, such as forgetfulness.

A man who masturbates tends to be alone on a regular basis. Being alone, he has more chances to use sex-enhancing drugs. A man who has frequent sex is less often alone. He therefore has fewer opportunities to engage in drug use.

Drug use, rather than masturbation, can have important health effects. At times repeated sex can have an effect. There are cases of sex addiction, but that will be covered more fully in the response to a later question.

Master Bates:

Ok I’ve played the skin flute now for 27 years at least once a day. I’ve had problems with concentration as long as I can remember and was diagnosed long ago with ADD. Within the last decade I’ve become apathetic and generally quite depressed for the following reasons: weight gain, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and a problem with thinning and graying hair. I’ve just turned 40 and feel the severe bite of a midlife crisis. Is it too late for me or can I nip this one in the bud with a lifestyle change?


Master Bates, A Lifestyle change could not replace your lost hair or add color to your graying hair, but a lifestyle change could help you to reverse weight gain and fight high cholesterol. The best changes would focus on your diet and your need for exercise.

Exercise improves digestion. A faster digestive system speeds the elimination of unwanted food substances. If a man eats plenty of fiber and also engages in exercise, he will eliminate a large part of the excess fat in his diet. That can help him to control the level of his cholesterol.

A man who takes the time to exercise is apt to sleep better at night. His body has developed the ability to take-in plenty of oxygen. He is not about to suffer sleep apnea. Because he sleeps better, such a man is sure to become less apathetic.

As indicated above, any exercise program should be supplemented with a good diet. Any good diet should have plenty of fiber. It should be low in fats and sugars. If a man likes fruit, he should be encouraged to substitute fruit for a dessert. If he likes salads, then he must find a way to savor the taste of a low-calorie salad dressing.

Steven Graham:

i’m a teenager and has been masturbing for the past few years, my testicles seemed to be much smaller than the others, is this due to over-masturbation and will it still grow to the average size?


Steven, The fact that one of your testicles has grown more than the other indicates an imbalance within your system. The chemical messengers, hormones, that signal growth of the testicles seem directed to only one of your two testicles. What could cause that to occur?

Because hormones are proteins their production depends on the ability of the body to make proteins. A malnourished body can not make an adequate amount of proteins. Still, it would seem that any failure to supply your hormone producing cells with sufficient nutrients would not cause the growth of only a single testicle.

What then could cause one testicle to grow properly, while the second testicle stayed in an immature state? It could possibly be due to over-masturbation. That can put a strain on the nerves. Strained nerves can slow the body’s ability to deliver the proper hormonal response. Such a strain does not involve an unchangeable condition.

Damage to strained nerves can be corrected when the patient with the strained nerves finds satisfaction in less frequent use of masturbation. How infrequent should masturbation be in order to bring the male body in balance? Doctors recommend a frequency of three times per week.

If a different masturbation schedule fails to create a change in the uneven growth of your testicles, then you should see a doctor. You could have an unseen condition, something that has kept your body’s hormones from traveling to all of the spots where they are needed.

Joe Thompson:

If I have masturbated everyday for the past 8 years, does it mean that I am suxually weak now and can’t have good sexual relationship with my partner anymore. It started from the porno site and then became an addiction. But I have quit for the past few months now.


Joe, you have already taken the first step along the road away from sexual addiction. Professional therapy for an addiction to sex begins with complete abstinence from sex for a period of one month. That abstinence halts the strong drive for repeated sexual activity. You have apparently halted that drive, one that you have previously experienced.

Realize that you are by no means alone. Others have at one time felt driven to engage in repeated sex. They like you found needed satisfaction by enjoying sex on a daily basis. Such individuals have now sought to help others who want to end their addiction to sex. They have formed organizations such as Sexaholics Anonymous and Sexual Addicts Anonymous.

You might want to seek out an organization that is like one of those mentioned above. If you do not feel comfortable becoming part of an organization, then you will need to develop alternative ways to gain the sort of satisfaction that you once obtained from repeated sex.

You must look closely at what most interests you, beyond possible erotic materials. If you do not have an alternative interest, then try to develop one. An addiction of any sort involves replacement of one substance, or one desire, with an alternative substance or desire.

Lucas Arangaron:

Does masturbation effect penis size or testicle sizes? Are their any physical harms of masturbating. What are some good ways to stop masturbation addictions. (I think i have a minor addiction I have to masturbate once for about 10 minutes) And also I am about 13-16 dont want to tell my exact age


Lucas, A healthy amount of masturbation does not have any ill effects on the body. Yet you are masturbating much too often. Doctors recommend that men masturbate no more than 3 times per week.

Doctors have not suggested that excessive masturbation could change the size of a man’s penis or testicle. Doctors have indicated that a man who spends too much time masturbating could have problems with memory or concentration.

Perhaps you are curious to know how excessive masturbation could affect your concentration or memory. You masturbate in order to achieve a particular experience. That experience requires nervous stimulation. It requires the release by your nerves of acetylcholine.

The body can not devote all of its energy to the production of acetylcholine. When you masturbate more than 3 times per week, the body can not replace all of the lost acetylcholine. That same chemical, acetylcholine, stimulates the nerves that fire-up memory cells. It allows the brain cells to focus and to concentrate on a single issue.

Try to find other ways to keep yourself busy. Rest your brain, and do not worry about the size of your penis.


How do woman masturbate? men stroke or rub the penis, but what do woman do?


Mlkx, Women masturbate by rubbing the surface of their vagina. Research has shown that there is a nerve running from the vaginal area to the female brain. When the surface of the vagina experiences a rubbing action, it sends signals to the brain. The first signals allow a woman to enter the stage of excitement.

If the vagina continues to be the recipient of a rubbing action, it continues to send the brain many signals. Eventually the masturbating woman moves from the stage of excitement to the plateau stage. During this stage, the outer one third of the vagina enlarges.

Continued masturbation can cause a woman to pass from the plateau stage to actual orgasm. Women and men undergo much the same experience during orgasm. It causes the contraction of the pelvic muscles. The number of those attractions could be as little as 3 or as many as 12. Those contractions are separated by about four-fifths of a second, and each contraction normally lasts for about 60 seconds.

Women, unlike men, do not provide unquestionable physical evidence of orgasm. The achievement of orgasm by a woman can be measured by having the masturbating woman wear electrodes attached to an EEG machine.


Does over-masturbation lead to larger hips and smaller penis size?


George, Over masturbation will not lead to larger hips and a smaller penis size. It is quite a natural expression of males from those reaching puberty to much older. Sometimes, it is used to decrease boredom or may help with an inactive sex life. It can also help with taking the edge ff of the many stresses in your life because after orgasm, the euphoria felt is quite relaxing. Only if the habit interferes with your functioning everyday does it present a problem. Otherwise, it is quite healthy and normal. The actual function of masturbation is to get the old sperm out so a place can be made or the new ones.

Sometimes your friends are trying to help, but they are not always right. If you are in doubt, please see a health professional. They can help you decide if what you are doing is normal or abnormal. Do not be embarrassed to ask. The doctor has dealt with this before and will know how to help you. He can tell you the best way to pursue any treatment that may be needed. Most often, it is just a guy being a guy. That can be a pleasurable thing at times.


if a guy starts masturbating frequently, well almost every day before he reaches his puberty, will that affect its testicle growth and production of testosterone?


James Morgan, Testosterone and testicle growth are not affected by masturbating. Whenever you hit puberty, you will have a wide flush of hormones that will take over and start to develop all your sex organs. These will determine the size of things and how much testosterone is needed in your system to complete the process. As you go through puberty, you will notice all of this taking place. It usually happens around age thirteen in most males, maybe twelve. This is all a natural part of growing up and nothing to over obsess about. It is quite common to have questions about the rapid changes taking place in your body. Most teenagers have some really off the wall questions, but it depends on what is happening with you. Everyone is different. You may develop faster or slower than your next door neighbor. It really sucks if he is way ahead of you, but I promise one day you will catch up and be on even ground.

If you have more serious questions, see a health professional. There is no need to be embarrassed as the see this stuff all the time. The doctor can also put your mind at rest and calm any fears you may have.


This is BS. I have been jerking it regularily since before i could even ejaculate, and i have had no noticable side effects from this constant self ‘abuse’
The whole deal with premature ejaculation as a result of over masturbating is because of the simple reason that most people, when jacking off, will try to get it done quickly so it doesnt take too much time or so that theres less chance of someone walking in. This is just training yourself to come early, which leads to premature ejaculation. just try and delay the orgasm, and you can find that masturbating will be beneficial to your stamina in the sack! I also don’t fully believe the whole neurotransmitter deficiency side effect yet, as this is the first respectable looking site that i’ve seen mention it. all the other sites were trying to sell herbal medication or some crap, so i find it hard to trust them. until i come across a scientific article with actual hard evidence of the biochemical harm of masturbating i will continue to believe this nonsense. Does anyone out there (preferably a doctor or someone who actually knows about this type of stuff) have a good scientific reason why over masturbation leads to depleted neurotransmitters? that would be much appreciated. thanks.


Bryson, Unfortunately in all my research at some reputable medical sites, I have not been able to find anything concerning depleted neurotransmitters and frequency of masturbation. They all say the same thin that I do. It is a normal healthy expression of puberty and can help to decrease boredom. I don’t know of any herbs that really help, these sites may be just trying to sell you something. You must be leery of them because the herbs may not be good for you or they may cause a reaction that the manufacturers didn’t know about. Be very careful in researching on the Internet. Go to medical sites and look up your information. Better yet, talk with your family doctor and get their opinion. This can be embarrassing stuff to talk about, but the doctor has heard it before and will know what to suggest or where information can be found for certain question.

For premature ejaculators, it can be tough. Some men have gotten older and just can’t control it. Others have taught themselves to get it over wit quickly, therefore blowing it when they are with their partner. There is help for this condition as well. Again, see your family doctor for his recommendation. Sometimes, it can be a set of exercises. Sometimes it is a medicine. Take care to find out today.


I am 27 year old male . I have been masturbating for the last 15 years averaging 4 times a day .For the last 6 years i have been suffering from headaches .fatigue n all i feel weak all the times specially in legs ..i used to masturbate even when my penis was not erect .Can you please suggest that how can i gain my sexual power back ?


Nathan, First of all, I would say you need to see a doctor for your medical problems mentioned. The headaches, fatigue, etc could be stemming from something else. Make sure you are quite healthy before you think it is from over masturbating. It could have a very simple solution. You never know. Masturbation is quite normal for men of all ages. It does help to flush out toxins and old sperm as well as releasing endorphins which help control pain and give you that euphoric feeling afterward.

As far as getting your sexual power back, find a partner and have a meaningful relationship. You may find it more satisfying than just masturbation. It may also help you to stop masturbating four times a day and hold off until you can get the real thing. Some guys are more happy with themselves. Only you know the answer to that question.

Get medical help if it is needed. A doctor will listen and make recommendations as to what you should do and how to handle the problem. It may be a simple medicine to use or you may have a series of task to do. Whatever the situation, a remedy can be found. You just have to ask.


hi there my name is mike.
i have just turned 16 in april this year.
i am just a bit confused about things.
i have recently started puberty
i have a small amount of hair around my penis but none under my arms or on my legs yet.
i measured my penis earlier and it is 9cm erect. is this on due course to become bigger?
also what is a suitable length of penis for sex? (as i am afriad that mine will hardly be able to fit in a vagina) how long in months do you recon it will take to reach this length?

p.s also i masturbate around 5 times a week is this too much? does it delay the process and speed of puberty?


Mike, If you are just starting puberty, you have no need to worry about what size your penis is. Nine centimeters is fine for now. And yes, it will grow some more, but that will take time until you are past puberty at around eighteen or nineteen. The hormones will still be there, but they will finally start to die down. An average length is between fifteen and twenty centimeters. Some grow slowly and some grow rapid, unfortunately, you will have to wait until you get there to find out. As for sex, don’t worry about it until you are mature enough to handle it. You will be mature enough at nineteen or twenty. By then, everything will be almost finished and you will be ready to take on the world. I know it doesn’t seem that way now, but have patience and see what unfolds.

Hair growth is quite normal too. You will find it soon starting to grow in other area of your body as well. It is very normal and nothing to be scared or ashamed of. The only down side is sometimes it does take its own sweet time according to your biological clock.

Masturbation is a healthy normal part of growing up and puberty. Five times a week is not over abundant. You don’t need to worry about it unless it is wrecking your every day life.

If you have other questions, speak to your family doctor, He can help you with these kinds of things and tell you what is normal and what is not.


In the second paragraph there is reference to the desirability of men learning how to have an orgasm without ejaculating. How can this be done?
In the third paragraph you list a number of problems which can occur in men who over-masturbate. Is there a well researched source for this information?
Nowhere in this site do you identify yourself and give your credentials. Who are you and what are your affiliations? Whoever you are you have a darned good site.

Don, By flexing the pubococcygeal muscle during sex, you can prevent any semen from being released. It is kind of like the Kegel muscle in women. It is the muscle you use to stop urination. If you can learn to control this muscle, it can strengthen over time and give you an enjoyable experience without the ejaculation. However, his is not a sure fire method of birth control, so make sure you are both protected.

There is a medical condition called retrograde ejaculation. This means the semen is back flowing to the bladder. This is also know as dry orgasm. It is common in men with Diabetes.

Over masturbation is only a problem if it interrupts your daily life. Then you ma need to see a health care professional for help. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to see your family doctor. He can help you decide what treatments are best for you, or if your condition warrants treatment. It is a healthy expression of most males from those starting puberty to much older.

We are glad you like the site, we are just someone who tries to help others find the truth to their questions, and not try to advertise the latest product you need to buy for a non-existent problem. We try to give good advice and help.


I was wondering if Masturbation has an effect on premature ejactualation. I am finding it hard to have sex with my partner for the amount of time I want. I always find myself losing’s tough subject for me, and it really poses a negative affect on my sex life. My question is, is this because of masturbation? I usually do it two times a week max which I think is ‘normal’. If I stopped masturbating would I be able to hold it longer in bed? Is there anything I could do to cure this? Thanks.


FG, Masturbation does has not been shown to have an effect on ejaculation, when it is done no more than 3 times a week. There are a number of different techniques that you might want to try, if you are having trouble with premature ejaculation.

Some men find that they have better control if they can relax during intercourse. Some men find it better to remain on the bottom, with their wife or partner on top. Other men try communicating with their sexual partner, indicating when to move and when to cease movement.

Some men have better luck with greater concentration, rather than increased relaxation. For some men, a premature ejaculation can be avoided by paying closer attention to their passage through levels of sexual response. Such men must avoid various distractions, or pressure to ignore their movement through the various stages of the sex cycle.

A third technique is called ‘stop-start.’ Men who use that technique note the changes that indicate the approach of ejaculation. They then stop their movements before that ejaculation takes place. The man then allows his state of arousal to diminish slightly. He can then feel ready to proceed with intercourse, confident that he should not have a premature ejaculation.


im 19 years old since last 7-8 years im masturbating 5-6 times daily i really got addicted to it so plz tel me wht problems i can face and how can i overcome those problems medically or any other way please help i am worried


Sandy, Probably the best way to find out if you are addicted is to try to go for thirty days without masturbating. If you can’t, you are probably addicted. If it is interrupting your daily life, then you probably have a problem. You will need to see your health care professional or family doctor for options about treatments and testing for your concerns. There are many different things you can do and there are many different treatments for sexual related problems. Take your concerns to your doctor and explain them honestly and completely. It may be embarrassing, but do not worry about it. The doctor has heard this type of thing before and knows what needs to be done for your particular problem. So go ask your questions, and see if you need to be followed for a while.

Masturbation is a healthy normal activity otherwise. You didn’t mention if you were male or female. Females are more likely to not masturbate as much as males. They cannot overdo it unless it interrupts their lives. Some people can be selfish and this is a cause of masturbation versus having sex. You only have to satisfy yourself. And that takes a lot of the pressure and stress off. You don’t have to worry with it otherwise.

Ben Franklin

What if you masturbate three times an hour?


Ben Franklin -If you can masturbate three times in an hour, I would say you are a pretty young fellow. Most times, this type of thing starts at puberty and goes until you are much older. It is sometimes a teenager’s way to decrease boredom. But it is a natural healthy expression to puberty and growing up. It is not a problem unless it affects your daily living. Then you may need to see someone about it.

Teenagers usually have questions about what is to come and that is normal as well. There are so many changes going on during puberty and sometimes they don’t know which end is up. They can be cross one day and happy the next. This is normal too.

If you are in doubt about anything, please see your family doctor or talk to your parents. They went through the same things you are going through now. I know that is hard to believe, but they did. They will also be able to put your fears to rest. Friends mean well, but oftentimes they don’t have the correct information. Make sure you talk to a reliable source before making a decision. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with who you are talking to.


hi i’m 19 and have been masturbating for past 5-6 yrs for 3-4 times a week and it seems puberty came early for me. is it because of the masturbating? now i’m facing some problems like frequent pimples,skin dryness,hair-loss, and recently i found a grey hair,but i don’t think i’m going bald, exhaustion, sweating only after a short walk and little work.

i really want to know is this related to the masturbation and if so then would stopping it help now or is it too late.

please give me some advice.


Ankit – At nineteen, you should be well through the changes of puberty. The acne, skin dryness, and gray hair may be part of that change. There is something called premature graying. Some teenagers have this. They start go gray at 15. So no need to worry about that. The acne and dry skin may be because of the hormones still dumping in your system. It is quite normal for some of the symptoms you talk about to take place now.

Masturbation does not cause these types of problems. Only if it interrupts your daily life will it be a problem. But otherwise, it is a healthy expression of puberty taking its toll. You should be nearing the end of the raging hormone thing and be back to normal soon. Then you will take a look back and laugh at everything you went through with yourself and anybody else.

If you are in doubt or have more pressing concerns, see your family doctor. He can help you decide what is part of puberty and what is abnormal. If you need any medicines or any treatments, please don’t hesitate to follow his advice. He is there to help and can be a trusted member of your team.


I am a male 17 years old. How can i achieve orgasm without ejaculating?? Please tell me a way.


Max – Yes, you can achieve orgasm without ejaculating. You must learn to gain control of the pubococcygeal muscle in your pelvis. This muscle is similar to the Kegel in females. It is the muscle used to stop urination. So while you are going to the bathroom one day, practice stopping and starting your urine flow. Do not keep this up every time you go to the bathroom as it will cause your bladder to not fully empty and the urine can stagnate and cause an infection. But learn what the muscle feels like and how you are supposed to do it. Practice each day and as the muscle gets stronger, you should be able to hold back the ejaculate. It does take some time to build up the muscle. You must also flex it before you know you are getting ready to ejaculate. Afterwards, it will not work. Also, another important tidbit of information, this is not a birth control practice and should not be used as such. Please use other methods of protection to eliminate chance of pregnancy.

There is also another problem called Dry Orgasm. This is when the semen backs up into the bladder and can cause an infection. After so many times of not ejaculating, this may cause a problem. If you have concerns, see your health care provider.


Well…I’m almost 16 and puberty has hit me hard. I don’t know what to do. I’m masterbating 6 to 10 times a day and in as little as 3 or 4 hours! Is there something wrong with me? I’m kindda’ worried because I’ve noticed that I sweat alot real easily. I’ll lift like 3 or 4 heavey boxes and I’ll be sweating as if I just sprinted 4 miles in the sun. I also feel kindda tired, like sleepy and phatigue tired. But I’ve been working alot lately. But here’s what realy confuses me…my penis and testicles arent soar or tired or anything. And 5 minutes after I have anorgasm…I find myself aroused again and wanting more! Nothing hurts, I’ve no grey hair, just a little sleepy and/or physicaly tired, but again, i’ve been heavey lifting at work for the past mounth.

Is it the hard job or is it constintly masterbating that’s making me tired? And is there something wrong with me for materbating 10 times in 3-4 hours? My genitals don’t hurt at all and theres no physical signs of stress…can someone hep me please…having this always on my chest is bothering me…


Jake – Puberty in males is always a hard road to travel. Not only do you have loads of hormones racing through your body, but your sweat glands are also developing. Tis ma be the reason for your sweating a lot now as opposed to when you were younger. Masturbation in your age group is quite normal and is quite healthy. It is a way to decrease boredom and as they say try out the equipment and see how it works. A healthy male may masturbate many times a day. Unless it is affecting your daily life or lifestyle, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The fatigue may be something coming from your job or you may have another health issue involved. The only way to know for sure is to have a complete physical checkup. It may not be painful for you to masturbate so many times a day. Some guys are more sensitive than others. It just depends on what your body can handle. Everyone is different. Everyone is one a different time clock as well. You may develop slower or faster than the next guy. Sometimes this is hard to understand, but once puberty is over, you will all be back on the same footing. It will be back to a more normal time.


Hiii, i m 23. i masturbate around 3-4 times a week. does it affect my health? does it reduce my stamina and my power?? wat r the side effects i cud face?
hw often should i masturbate

Vish, Masturbation at twenty three is quite normal. If you are not in a serious relationship, it can help with depression and stress. It can also help to decrease boredom. Unless it interferes with your daily living, it is not a problem. It does not affect your health and may actually help to increase your stamina. Masturbation is also said to decrease the development of prostate cancer and help with cardiovascular output. It is also said to help with pain because after orgasm, the endorphins are released and you are pain free for a little while. This is due to the euphoric sensation after orgasm.

There is no set number for the number of times you should masturbate. As I said, if it is not causing problems with your daily life, then don’t worry too much. If you have other questions or cncerns, see your family doctor or a health care provider to get more information. They can help you decide what is normal for you and what is not. They may be able to head off problems before they get started as well. So see your doctor today and have a complete physical. Catch up on anything concerns you have and how you can handle them.

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hi i’m sean. A friend of mine told me that having mint will reduce the sperm count. Is that really true. And also does smoking reduce sperm count.

sean / July 22nd, 2007, 11:21 pm / #

hey I’m 16 i only weight about 115 pound is it mormal for a 16 yr old teen to weight like this . And if it is how can i gain weight?

muchaas gracias.

xande09 / July 25th, 2007, 9:42 am / #

Hey I am 17. I noticed that my left testicle is bigger than my right. I am wondering if masturbating everyday has an effect on this. I am also wondering when will my penis stop growing. Thanks.

Rex / July 28th, 2007, 6:51 am / #

hey i’m a 14 yr old and im not a virgin anymore ever since my first sexual abusive bf basically forced the shit on me. anyways, are there different reasons why sex is addicting? i never really thought about sex much or even wanted it orginally but now here i am, a non virgin who broke up with her second bf and dying to have sex. i dont really know but whenever i engage in sexual intercourse i generally feel better temperarly, as in, not so lonely and empty but once the “high” of it all is over i feel really upset, angry, and hollow. i feel like i need sex at least once a day and i have not had in a few weeks; on top of it all, i have tried masturbating but it just isn’t as satisfying as it once was. i’ve been pondering and questioning if i could be a sex addict or not. i feel very alone even though i know i’m not. i don’t get it. sex is something i feel i need all the time now and with out it i’m unsatisfied with my life. are these signs of being a sex addict?

my other question is that having sexual intercourse and masturbating during puberty, does it have any effect with a young female’s or male’s hormones and over all growth?

thank you ^_^

Ashley / July 30th, 2007, 11:00 am / #

Yo, I shouldn’t be here cause i’m twelve (almost 13), But I already took sex ed. Everybody says they masturbate 5/6 times a day, does that mean they cum(ejaculate) every time? i usually only do it like once a day. Oh yeah, if i get cuts on my penis from masturbating, how can i toughen the skin?

Nenketsu / August 2nd, 2007, 12:15 pm / #

also, instead of ejaculating sperm i ejaculate a clear liquid, what is this?

Nenketsu / August 2nd, 2007, 12:49 pm / #

Hi there im 19 yr old male,from past few months im unable to control my sexual feeling’s . Every time i see a teen girl i think of havin physical relation with her n also ejaculate thinking about them .Is it natural? How can i stop thinking like that ?

SHANK / August 15th, 2007, 4:34 am / #

IF i masturbate too much will i lose too much sperm or will it keep proucing / August 23rd, 2007, 9:04 pm / #

when a girl masturbate i saw on a website that water comes out or something is that realy true

marry / August 23rd, 2007, 9:07 pm / #

hey, i’m 17 years old an i have a 7.5inch penis, but i feel this is to small. i masterbate almost everyday and was wonderin if masterbating that much is effectin the growth of my penis and also if my penis will continue to grow.

Eddie / August 27th, 2007, 2:49 am / #

hey im kina new to masterbation, but by accdent had a dry orgasm. So if u want to, heres what u do. You prob need to be on your back and you cannot stroke the penis, insted you have to keep it erect but not fully so, sorta in that middle stage, and guys will know what im talking about, you think about whats happening but you don’t try to speed it along, then thease waves pass through you and it feels just as good if not better than an acctually orgasm. Just thought i would put my two cents in.
Oh btw i was listning to the radio softly and idk if that had anything to do with it

sir dyesalot / August 31st, 2007, 10:51 am / #

i am a male and I masterbate 1-3 times a days and i ejaculate a clear liquid instead of sperm is this healthy? How do girls masterbate? Do girls cum? Wat time do guys usually hit puberty? and girls? what is an orgasm? What time will i be through my puberty? What is a dry orgasm? get back to me soon please

Bob / September 5th, 2007, 5:46 pm / #

Hi there, after reading an exhaustive list of comments as well as replies, i decided to make a few queries as well. I started masturbating with a massager since i was 7 or 8 and i was pretty indulge in it. I’ve masturbated about 4 times a day, in intervals of 1-2 hrs. This practised has been going on until i reach the age of 14 when i came to realise all this while i was masturbating. So, i reduced the freqeuencies of masturbation with a massager and instead i’ve built up a rather odd way to masturbate which is by compressing or putting pressure on my penis in between both legs and somehow i achieved orgasm… At the age of 18, i realised i was having substantial changes with my hair where it used to be long and straight but now it’s rather curly , brittle and looks way unhealthy. I also noticed floaters in my eyes at a very young age around 7 or 8 and it has been increasing dramatically up to this day. Now floaters dont look small transparent bubbles to me but they are big and black in colour and sometimes forming a “spider web” like strings. During college days i’ve been trying to not masturbate at all but it seems that i was frequently having wet dreams. Now the problem has persisted into my uni days, i have some degree of premature ejaculation, loss of orgasm, floaters, sleeping problems. And sometimes after i masturbate, i’ll notice that my penis gets erected while sleeping and on awakening it was already semi erected. From experiences, the back pain i get in the morning after masturbation the night b4 is somewhat linked to this… Ironically, when i dont masturbate the back pain and semi erected experience disappears. I’ve also notice my brain is underperforming, lack of concentration, forgetfulness eventhough i’ve seized this masturbation habit for sometime… i’m trying to masturbate only when i feel unbearable.. usually once every 3 weeks! Is there a cure for me? my hair problems as well as vision and brain performances?? i know i sound kinda extreme but i really need help..

mark / October 15th, 2007, 8:34 pm / #

First off, I would like to respond to Ashley’s post. This does not mean that you are a sex addict; it means you are trying to deal with the trauma of the assault. Many women deal with sexual assault differently and this is one way. The important thing to know is that you can gain control of your life again. There are many Women’s Centers that help sexual assault survivors. This is an avenue you could choose to take. Also, masturbation will not change hormone levels. However, stress can have an effect on hormone levels.

Second, I would like to address other misconceptions and questions from these posts.
There are virtually no physiological problems that masturbation will cause. It will not change the size or shape of your penis or testicles. If you are experiencing medical issues, you need to consult a physician.

The average size of an erect penis is between 5 and 7 inches. If you learn what you are doing, this will not make much difference in sex, as almost all of the nerve endings are in the first 1/3 of the vagina. Furthermore, clitoral stimulation, either direct or indirect, is what causes female orgasm.

The fluid you see when you ejaculate is semen (which contains the sperm). It is normal for it to be anything from a thick white substance to a clear almost liquid substance.

Yes, women can ejaculate a liquid, although this is rare. It is not completely known what causes this. It is thought to be semen like fluid that may come from the Skene’s gland (female equivalent to the prostate). It is definitely not urine.

As for how females masturbate, there is a very good description of the female sexual response cycle given above. However, women tend to masturbate by rubbing their clitoris with their finger.

For more information on masturbation statistics, see my post on the Masturbation Facts page.

Human Sexuality Student / October 19th, 2007, 9:19 pm / #

I am a thirteen year old girl and I have been curious about masturbation. Is it not healthy to do it at such a young age? I do not have enough courage to ask my parents about it, but am very curious to try it. Also when i watch things on the internet that have sexual content, after a while i feel like I have to pee really bad. And feel this throbbing feeling down there. Is this normal? And how would i masturbate? I can’t figure out how a girl would do it. Let me know as soon as you can!!

Sarah / November 7th, 2007, 5:33 am / #

hi i’m a 12year old wondering how a male human masturbates
i am wondering only due to curiosity so if you are willing to help please explain

Zach / December 13th, 2007, 9:48 am / #

i am 15 years old and my penis is already 20 cm long , however it grew to this length pretty quickly and i haven’t noticed it grow for quite some time. Am i done growing or will my penis eventually continue to grow more ?

Steve / December 18th, 2007, 4:41 am / #

i have been masturbating since i was 11 yrs old. right now i am 18. will i be a sexually mature male like others if i stop masturbating now?

martin / January 12th, 2008, 2:38 am / #

hello Pls i want to ask are u encourage youth to masturbate or to zip up because reading from every comment your viewer have sent to you, this little my happy minute or hour (masturbation) have destory a great part of their lives.

is there no way to stop it permantently or is there no drug to use to stop it or better still a better advices to guide them on how to stop those who have already started it..


best regards


M J / January 18th, 2008, 11:02 pm / #

u can’t over masturbate, it not real, ifu really want to know about masturbation then go to, it will tell you everything u need to know about masturbation weither or not ur a guy or girl

Rick / February 24th, 2008, 1:22 pm / #

hi im tommy im 17yr old, and ive been masterbating for 8 year everyday of da week and i am wondering can Masterbating can cause loss of sperm and make penises crookied and is it good to pinch da mouth of da penis from causing sperm to shot out??

tommy~t / March 18th, 2008, 2:01 am / #

hiya im jasper ive turned 30 reasentley and i have only just started puberty and my wily is bleeding and it is 3cm long and i have a small amount of hairr growing around my wily do nostrel hairs grow faster then wily hairs?

jasper carrot / March 25th, 2008, 7:36 am / #

Hi there, after reading an exhaustive list of comments as well as replies, i decided to make a few queries as well. i hope u will reply them.
sir, i am 28 yr old boy having penis size 4 inch (erected).:-
1) what is the normal size of penis
2) i feel mine is very small in size so ifeel that i am not fit for sexual intercourse?
3) can it be enlarged by some medicines or by any other method?
4) are these medicines safe?

suresh / April 4th, 2008, 5:19 pm / #

i have some sexual feelings towrads myself when my mom and dad leave for work and things. i dont go to school everyday so i have a lot of spare time. i have just turned 19 years old and i want to know if its normal to want to violate myslef at all hours of the day? and if so how would i do that, i am a girl.

Cindy Lee / April 15th, 2008, 9:06 pm / #

im 17yers old male,im frequently masterbating during my sleep for the past 3 years due to seducive dreams but consciously i dont do it consciously bcoz of which im very thin & weak,tip of the penis has grown large,not able to urinate properly while standing I.e, penis is not raising while urinating, Is this a disease? What r d remedies that i sud take to recover? Please Help

dammy / April 25th, 2008, 8:46 am / #

I am 17 years old, i was addictted to masturbating from when i was 11-16 and heavily masturbated sometimes up to seven times a day, this was everyday for those four years and realized near the end of it that i realized just how fast my orgasms came, 10 seconds, i stopped when i met this amazing girl who is now my girlfreind of over a year, so i have two questions to ask though i have never had sex, my girlfriend and i plan to wait, ironic isnt it, i feel like i am nothing like the guy i should be, and that im the only one that has this problem, so how can i build up that stamina i once had? and second i am 4.5 inches erect, as i am 17 can i expect any growth? Look i know i did this to myself but im ashamed of what i have done to my body, is there any hope?

ANON / November 1st, 2008, 1:47 pm / #

can masturbation affect your memory?and concentration?

jonald / November 22nd, 2008, 5:17 pm / #

HI, im jonald 19 years old..lately i realized i have been forgetful since i started masturbation, and i also noticed after doing such act,, I feel sleepy and tired which interrupts me in my studies and other works…Could all of these have a relation in my masturbation?,.but i really cant get rid of it..please help me

jonald / November 22nd, 2008, 5:34 pm / #

iam 24 years old, i have been masturbating since i was 12~13 5~7 times a week, i have been suffering from over masturbation symptoms for a long time now.

i was wondering does weak “Parasympathetic Sexual Nerve” as i understood the one responsible for holding erection and ejaculation can get back to its full potential by quitting or am i permantly damaged and i can only be “just better”? cuz as i read on some article it involves the brain’s abillity to produce some chemicals…which is affected

also how long does it take to recover my bio energy after years of over masturbation?
thanks for ur help =)

kiko / December 13th, 2008, 5:45 am / #

i m 22 years old…,(female) addicted 2 masturbation 4 last 4-5 years… i think i over masturbated, because i can see the symptoms like fatigue, weakness, stomach pain, pain in legs,anxiety , uneasyness, sexually weak. cant make it for long any more..hardly for a minute.
i kicked off the habit. for the last 1 year. still i dont find any relaxation, please tell me how to remedy it, without consulting any doctor

alisha / December 17th, 2008, 2:20 am / #

hi, i m 17 yrs old. i masterbate 3-4 at a times in every week. reently i have been facing problems like lack of concentration, forgotness,depression. plz plz give me a solution how can i overcome this problem>…..

sajal / December 26th, 2008, 2:09 pm / #

I’m 15 and i discovered masturbation when i was about 5. This may seem fake and a bit extreme, but I wouldn’t be admitting it if it wasn’t a fact. My methods of reaching orgasm have changed; I use my fingers to rub my vagina (or whatever the thing on the outside is called)… but I’ve found that I get no sexual stimulation from inserting my fingers into my ‘hole’ , or from using a dildo of sorts. If and when I actually engage in sex with a boy, will I not be able to reach orgasm with him?

April / January 21st, 2009, 3:59 am / #

I am 17 teen years old and i havent had a penis growth spirt yet is this normal and will i get it,
I also have been masterbating alot like 5 to 6 times a day is this normal and is it the cause of my nongrowth,
could the nongrowth also be cased by being sexualy abused, i once asked a close friend if that could be the case, He said since i was exposed to sex at a young age its the cause of the nongrowth and i will never get it is that true, my boyfriend wants to have sex and im scared of what he will think of my small penis, so i tell him no and he keeps asking why, and i dont know what to say, and is it normal to feel scared around men i sometimes get scared my boyfriend will do something am i always gonna have this fear everywhere i go, i really dont like being depressed and scared of every guy that looks at me.

Dane Haas / April 11th, 2009, 1:50 pm / #


Dane Haas / April 11th, 2009, 1:51 pm / #

I am 14 and haven’t been masturbating for very long. I think I have started late? But im not very addicted so i don’t do it too often, but if i go for like a week without masturbating, when i do a jelly like substance comes out and im not sure if this is normal. (btw im male).

none / May 27th, 2009, 6:12 pm / #

I have also not found this question or any solution to this on any other faq website

None / May 27th, 2009, 6:55 pm / #

I know i keep going on but its not all jelly like stuff, the sperm comes out when i ejaculate but there are small bits of jelly type stuff in it

None / May 29th, 2009, 6:32 am / #

IMPORTANT! Please disregard anything this writer has said. The author claims that acetylcholine is released during masturbation. But it is also released every time you move a muscle. Acetylcholine is released in neuromuscular junctions to stimulate muscle contration. Does this mean that your memory becomes worse every time you exercise? OF COURSE NOT! That would be ridiculous. That would mean, every voluntary muscle movement you make would cause your memory to become worse.

Mouseymouse / June 10th, 2009, 1:30 pm / #

my penis started going erect before 7 and i hit puberty and started masterbating at 11. is this normal

michael / June 24th, 2009, 2:40 am / #

As a physician of many years I am appalled at the idiot “advice” being given on this site. There is no scientific or medical evidence to back up any of these claims. Simply put… no there is nothing wrong with masturbating. There is no “too little amount” or too much UNLESS it is actually interfering in your day to day life. There are no negative health effects to masturbation . Jsut enjoy it and dont’ hurt yourself. Doesn’t hurt to give it a rest once in a while and focus that energy into other creative areas in the same way that it doesn’t hurt to put the joystick down, give the Wii a break and go outside.
You can always come back to it later.
Everyone has different levels of sexual arousal and sex drive. People masturbate with different frequency throughout their lives. Sometime syou’ll do it a lot some times not much at all.
Bottom line. It’s healthy . It’s normal. It’s hardly “addictive”. As with all health issues..everything in moderation. cheers

Dr. Anonynous / July 3rd, 2009, 2:28 pm / #

its very common to masturbate everyday 3-4 times a day, i have been masturbating since i was 11 years old and i am 51 years old now and i still masturbate 3-4 times a day since i am single. since i’m mild mentally retarded with a learning disability i had my mother get me a vasectomy when i was 20 years old. i know i’m not capable to raise children.

Danny / August 24th, 2009, 3:10 am / #

i m a male and 19 yr old from last 5 or 6 yrs. i m masturbating a lot like 2 or 3 times since when i was not even known what called masturbating….. even sometimes i feels good to masturbate before going to exam.

I do sweat now if i do any physical work. My penis i have seen got some black spots on it. and my chest has become very soft and a bit bigger like of Boobs of a girl. I m doing gym on alternative days almost specially for bench press trying if i can make my chest tight. For a moment when i do benchpress for chest gets tight for bit time and whenever i masturbate my chest gets again loose.. during masturbating now my sperm comes within 1 min. even

its all embarrassing specially the chest problem, before i thought it might be fat i had a mesotherapy and liposuction treatment on my chest for what i spended so much without telling my family 🙁 … by saving lots of pocket money.. But nothing worked out

is my chest effecting because of my masturbating habit and what about those black spots ?

can you please explain and suggest me what is best for me


karan / August 25th, 2009, 12:11 am / #

Everyone, do not listen to these quack JEW/LIBERAL FREAK doctors…Masturbation is a terrible addiction. It sucks the life-force out of you and destroys you Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually. Anyone who masturbates often and denies this, is in denial..

Stay away from porongraphy also… Jews created porn to destroy Gentile morals and decency. Porn causes people to masturbate. Jews/Liberals argue that porn is “harmless art”, porn is to art what feces and urnine are to food and drink…

God bless Gentiles

The Dark Age of Evil is coming to an end. Free yourselves from the prison of porn/masturbation addiction, you are ALL worth so much more.

Greg / October 4th, 2009, 12:40 am / #

hi i”m 27 years old. i’m doing for the past 10years.i do masturbation 4 times in a week. now i’m facing nervous problems. i have to know due to masturbate i’m facing this may affect my sex life with my will born for me.Plz tell me how to stop this.

rahulkumar / October 22nd, 2009, 3:12 pm / #

Hey, I’m too worried
I’m 16 male , Just started masturbating 1~2 weeks ago and I really like it And I do it like 5 Times a Day and I don’t Cum alot in my 3~5 th time in the day and It don’t jump far .. Do I need to stop and what do you advice me , will I be able to Have childrens in future if I keep masturbating 5 times a day ? and how often should I masturbate a day ?

Gordi / January 15th, 2010, 9:01 am / #

We’ll I’m 13 and I masturbait about 2 times a day and I really need 2 2 2 times a day i want 2 stop. But anyway after I maturbaited today my left ball startted tjrobing and it’s lumpy under it. What is it …what should I do

Anonamous / January 17th, 2010, 6:27 am / #

hey, I’m 22 years old..I did start mastrubating since 15 and in the last 4 years i did mastrubate 2-4 times per day..I know over mastrubating is very harmful because i can feel its bad side effects such as weak penis muscles and ejecting too soon..However, my questions are 1) how long it will take me to cure its side effects without medicines(If possible)…2)Is there any true medicine for overmastrubating

h / February 19th, 2010, 7:15 am / #

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