Home Drug Test & Teen

The appearance of the in-home drug test has given parents a way to confirm or reject any suspicions that a son or daughter might be using drugs. Some parents have expressed a reluctance to perform a test on their own child. Yet a parent could put a child at risk by seeking to avoid an alleged infringement on a child’s rights.
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Teen Bisexuality Discovery

As little as ten years ago, the news that one’s teen was gay or lesbian was one of the worst things parents thought they could hear. There are still all too many gay or lesbian teens who become throwaways–tossed out of their own homes for the “crime” of loving a member of their own sex. In many circles, however, this attitude of horror has become one of tolerance–or even indifference. Many parents now think they can cope with a gay or lesbian teen, but what about a bisexual one? For many families, bisexuality is far more difficult to understand than homosexuality. This article deals with common questions parents of bisexual teens ask. Continue reading